• One Direction photoshoot ot5 MY EDIT Graphic '11 i just love all the pink teen now outtakes lovingliam •
One Direction photoshoot ot5 MY EDIT Graphic '11 i just love all the pink teen now outtakes

One Direction for Teen Now, 2011.

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this band is actually the worst because they’re all codependent and they never stop touching each other and they share clothes and have friendship bracelets and squeeze so they can all fit onto the same couch together and they keep each other grounded and they grew up together and they’r...
One Direction Niall Horan my edit. Pete Wentz Makeover idk i just really love the earring i gave him??
dbsk ot5 yunho changmin jaejoong tohoshinki yoochun junsu BIGEAST I just can't blue ocean my gifs6 GOD IT'S BEEN MONTHS SINCE I SAW OT5 VIDEOS LET ALONE DO GIFS JFC this is like a miracle and i have stand by you gifs but what thehell right? perfect performance is perfect but all their performances are but the ocean all the feelings in the world
a post literally just about niall horan’s bandmates knowing him better than he knows himself sometimes niall just isn’t sure luckily his bandmates are always there to help him out good, starting off strong and here’s where louis comes in nothing like a little possessive neck t...
One Direction * ot5: we have group crying sessions with ice cream i still don't love the song but they sing it so well???
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan * ot5 lt lp appearances Teen Choice Awards 2013 hs nh zm tcas2013 ot5 edit
ot5 MY EDIT Key onew shinee jonghyun taemin minho shineeedit Sherlock Era I had a lot of versions of this graphic
One Direction edit i love you these are all random pics but just fjskajd
1k photoshoot miley cyrus edit
mine Teen Wolf stiles stilinski derek hale Sterek haleinski tw hs au AND THAT'S A WRAP! sorry i wish this could've gone on forever but i guess now you'll just have to imagine where this goes n__n thank you for all the love :) a dorky 'outtakes' post will come soon with parts that didn't make it into the au. stay tuned~
Harry Styles One Direction * edit like i dont even know if it's harry in like 9 of these i just got them from some facebook album i guess this is my birthday graphic but not at the same time the quote has nothing to do with the graphic except maybe they're equally stupid
gif MY EDIT Graphic dr dangan ronpa dangan ronpa the animation i cannot wait for this anime the most just look at all our precious dr bbys