• One Direction * this is crap i haven't made anything in a really long time so idk if i'll ever even download any other videos to gif hm zaynmagik •
One Direction * this is crap i havenOne Direction * this is crap i haven
One Direction * this is crap i havenOne Direction * this is crap i haven

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One Direction * this is crap i haven't made anything in a really long time so idk if i'll ever even download any other videos to gif hm
my edits Teen Wolf TW Holland Roden allison argent Crystal Reed lydia martin twedits allydia twedit idk why those gifs look so ugly i made it from hd episode but quality is so fucked up maybe cause i haven't made any for a long time however i had to do this crying :(
doctor who mine. New Who Classic Who multiple gifs long post There are way too many people to tag them all haha. And I'm sorry I didn't included any of the teams from the audios or comics or novels or anything! I haven't gotten my teeth into any of  them yet so it would be a little difficult. Technically this is just the *televised* TARDIS teams. Knowing the fandom people will add anyone I missed anyway but I thought it best to clarify. I just wanted to make this before we usher in Twelve's era. You don't even want to know how long it took me haha. But it was fun. Anyway. If you're reading this and you haven't watched any classic Who yet I can't encourage you enough. I made excuses and put it off for so long and I'm so mad at myself. There's so much to enjoy! Every single team the Doctor's travelled with has been important. Every one. It's been a good fifty years.
vixx hakyeon jaehwan taekwoon mydol xmygif ALL TRANSLATION CREDIT GOES TO BJMOONICE link to the playlist on the mydol! okay so long tags coming SO THIS BETTER SHOW UP BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO WRITE THESE AGAIN just recently i've been so damn proud of them and they haven't even come back yet like literally all of them and if you have ever been into my mydol tag you will know i really really disliked this show and just about everything about it besides the members doing what they do and stuff they just went through soooooo much shit but seriously look at them now HAVE YOU SEEN HAKYEON DANCE RECENTLY???? HAVE YOU HEARD HONGBIN'S SOLO FROM THE MILKYWAY??? HAVE YOU EVER HEARD TAEKWOON OR JAEHWAN SING??? i know there were 4 other kids on here and i got daewon into one but i tried to just focus on the members that made it also i used their real names because it was predebut and i thought it would be fitting i just have a lot of feelings guyssssssss i'm just so damn proud because look at how far they've come? it's amazing and they're amazing and strong and they grew so much i don't think i made any typos in this one I TRIED REALLY HARD NOT TO IF I DID DON'T POINT IT OUT I FEEL PROUD OF MYSELF HERE OKAY BYE
Sokka A:TLA atla oh and Avatar: the last airbender toph *mine azula Princess Azula toph bei fong toph beifong *atla out on a life changing trip with zuko ugh i don't know which one seriously i guess?? lol idk i feel like i haven't made anything for a long time so here lol pls show up in the gif tag pls
gif One Direction Zayn Malik wow i haven't made a regular gif in so long
:) 1k © tutorial coloring tutorial this literally took me hours please let me know what you think or if there is any mistakes i'm happy to help if you need more!
1k * supernatural castiel spnedit don't be surprised if i end up posting two other versions of this gif ok i have major issues deciding what coloring to go with ok ok ignore also i don't know if anybody wants to be tagged in my gifs? if so then hit me up and i'll tag you ok cool holy crap this post got a lot of notes really fast
my posts q spn ladies spnedit blood cw abaddon fire cw spnabaddon ugh this glorious meteor of fire and red i haven't made anything is a while and my muse loves abaddon no one is suprised lol so this happened i'm gradually trying to return to tumblr; i'm not ignoring you guys or the messages in my inbox i'll get to them i swear ilu xoxo skeleton cw
Harry Styles One Direction mine 1D MY EDIT candid HM the videos for the gifset are takng so long to download
mine God jfc i just LOOK AT THEM i really do i need help spoby but i mean i'm sure of it spobyy otp: i have a boyfriend now otp: you look like crap otp: not all of them my sole purpose in life is to take quotes from other shows about love and attach them to spoby that's the reason i was born this quote is them!!!!!!!!!! like they have never actually been in a love triangle not really anyways and any time jenna or their parents or mona or even themselves came between it they always prevailed they always conquered it their love is everything LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the way toby looks at her in the second gif actually makes my heart skip a beat god just the way they touch/kiss/look/hold eachother also i figured out my sharpening settings they were messed up for so fucking long finally got them back to how they should be
1k One Direction 1D okay a lot but anyway i thought it was funny sydknee 1dc this gifset really made me appreciate kiss you like before and a little bit ridic not a little like they hyped up this video? there is no plot like i don't even know what is going on but when i started looking for idiotic moments in their older videos i couldn't find any like none in gby at all a litte in wymb i just realized how much i appreciated kiss you because it is our boys they are idiots and they were finally really allowed to be fav okay and lwwy i could have made this entire gifset out of those two alone i love my idiots