• onew shinee kdrama dramas descendants of the sun don't make me cry Chi Hoon let me see your bright smile it's wrong to leave the patient behind but he's young lack of experiences and he'll be father soon there's no need to blame him heartou •

“Don’t blame yourself. Let this be a chance for you to grow as a real doctor”

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onew shinee kdrama dramas descendants of the sun don't make me cry Chi Hoon let me see your bright smile it's wrong to leave the patient behind but he's young lack of experiences and he'll be father soon there's no need to blame him
love onew shinee kdrama lee chi hoon dramas descendants of the sun his development from cute comic character to mature real doctor now can I see his smile every episode?
onew shinee kdrama He's so adorable dramas song hye kyo descendants of the sun look at the doctors in this hospital i can tell what requirements are need to work there? they have to be handsome and pretty Dr Lee Chi Hoon
onew shinee kdrama song joong ki DOTS dramas song hye kyo descendants of the sun he's immortal this scene :)) ghost shi jin came back to eat the food off his ceremonial table
kdrama song joong ki DOTS dramas song hye kyo descendants of the sun no doubt it's the best ep that was too much for my shipper heart :)) it's just too good to be true can't take my eyes of them
MY EDIT LOTR Frodo Baggins Samwise Gamgee lotredit frodo x sam hahah i don't care everyone and their grandmother made a gifset for these two with this quote the ways we can read those words when it comes to these two blow my mind   every day don't disappear don't give in don't lose yourself don't give up don't forget home don't forget who you are don't forget us don't go where i can't   follow for i will go to hell and back and it will be our doom and i will still hold your hand and be grateful and love you like i never did anyone else frodo is made of dreams he's made of different matter magic light glow of sun and stars and in sam's view he's never really within sam's grasp he's got his head full of dreams and yearnings and then shadows and defeaning whispers and sam's there the rock solid ground sheltering force SO THAT DREAMS WON'T MAKE HIM RUN AWAY AND ESCAPE HOME AND SO THAT DARKNESS WON'T DEVOUR HIM IN THE END but he never really catches him he never really has him in his arms BELONGING AND WHOLE frodo is chasing thrills sam's there to always keep him safe frodo is being taken by the ring sam's there to never let it entirely happen but in the end it's always an echo a wisp of smoke a memory of who frodo used to be that runs through his fingers to never really be his for frodo never really comes back from his 'adventure' AND YET frodo offers him the book HIS ENTIRE LIFE IN THE WRITTEN FORM like in the end he says I HAD ALWAYS BEEN YOURS SAMWISE GAMGEE YOU MADE ME YOU SHAPED ME YOU HAD ME ALL take care of me like you always did and then follow me one last time and sam does of course he does long post (sorry i'm suddenly addicted to 500px)
Firefly Simon Tam River Tam Gena makes stuff Gena's gifs fireflyedit fsedits Just... everything about this scene. She touches his face to make sure he's real. That he's actually there. She waited at least two years for him. I don't blame her. Two years. She wrote and he didn't come for so very long. Through no fault of his own really. It was so hard to get to her. And they certainly didn't help her doubts. 'I would like please to see him.' 'Well I'm sure he's very busy.' 'Yes. Yes I'm sure.' Your brother is an extremely skilled surgeon. You don't want to take him away from his work do you? He has very important things to do. He's doing good work. Just like we're doing good work here. When they're in her head it must've been very hard not to listen. Not to believe he's wrapped up in more important things. But now he's here. And he's actually there. And when she tells him she doubted You can see him going through all the possible responses 'Of course I'd come for you.' 'I would never leave you there like that.' 'You needed me.' etc etc Going through his roles as her protector; as someone who's entire purpose now is to keep her safe. But the one he decides on in the end is entirely he as her brother. And I just can't handle that right now. (Ugh. Someone give Sean Maher another interesting role.) The Tam siblings are so important to me. Sidenote: this gifset is a great illustration of the 180 degree rule.
** stiles stilinski derek hale stiles x derek jensensackles he'll be fine THROW Me in the trash probably LISTEN i gotta get all meta up in here excuse me for a moment this is some canonical relationship development ok everyone talks about the relationships on the show that have obvious change but this? this is the most subtle and probably the most effective not even in a romantic way in a totally platonic pack type way even when they supposedly 'hated' each other derek and stiles kicked BUTT to save each other only FOUR EPISODES IN to the whole entire show stiles was trying his best to keep derek alive when really the best course of action for himself and scott would have been to let him die tbh derek was nothing but TROUBLE for them through seasons 1 and 2 and yet stiles would never leave him to die and then u get 'you need me to survive why is why you're not letting me go' which yeah tru but also not?? bc season one wasnt about that it was never about that and then season 3 was totally just for derek's safety like WE GOTTA GET YOU OUT OF HERE BEFORE THE COPS CATCH U but then the last one ............. liek ................ stiles doesnt even want to LEAVE bc he's totally convinced it'll be the last time he'll see derek derek says go dont worry about him just save scott but stiles is still reluctant to leave him bc even though he doesn't need him to survive anymore they've spent so long protecting each other without realising that its weird to leave him to someone else this is the most subtle and most beautiful development even if you dont see it in a ~romantic way they've been thru 4 seasons w/ the little interaction jeff gives us and they didn't even like each other at first but their one constant has been saving each other's lives THE ONLY TIME STILES DIDN'T GO BACK FOR DEREK WAS BECAUSE DEREK HAD THE VOICE TO TELL HIM NOT TO
MY EDIT the mortal instruments Lily Collins Xavier Samuel clary fray tmiedit jonathan morgenstern bear  with me i'm gonna run out of material to gif soon and i shall stop shoving this casting down your throats but in the meantime i'm so pumped up wit cohf cover   i just had to i can't imagine it's not going to boil down to showdown between these two? with 'all that could have been' by nin playing in the background and it's too late and it was never soon enough and it has always been doomed and they could have never been anything but this: broken unfitting misunderstood hating each other driven to kill one another though they are the last one and the bloodline dies if one strikes the other and it has to be clary fighting him it has to be clary facing him it has to be her regretting ALL THESE WHAT IFS?? what if i loved him like he's my brother what if he loved me like i'm his sister what if we lived like we are the family what if we belonged like we are the one (they are yin and yang leave me alone) instead he's no one's he's alone she finds relief in hatred and anger so she hates and she fights and she knows she must kill him in the end she rejects all these what ifs she rejects the notion he can feel he's human he has a heart because there is no saving him there is no building them there is no having home there is no forgiving only death then grief in white and then never  being complete and always living with this burden of killing him while not having a chance to love him
the walking dead favedits overdone to death but it's gotten to the point where I think about TWD every time I listen to this song and the idea just wouldn't let me go I was originally going to use the group as the mob but decided the Hunters worked just as well seeing as the mob just represents a group of people trying to survive their sins are the least they're at the bottom of the food chain. The Governor represents the king because of his position of absolute power in the his kingdom his story is politics he took charge of this town he puts on the show of caring for his people and no one really knows about what happens behind the scenes they don't care as long as their king protects them they will not revolt and usurp him. he's followed by Negan the god leader of the Saviors Negan is that say all end all give your life to Negan and he will allow you a life to live Negan is absolute power only defeated by the non-believer. the man who has had everything taken from him he's lost everyone and everything and no longer retains a hold on the life and morals he once followed the non-believer has no limits because he no longer has any reason to remember why he had limits in the first place I chose the image of Rick standing over the bodies of everyone he's lost to represent the non-believer because I believe if/when he ever loses Carl Andrea and Michonne he will finally become the monster he's so desperately fighting.
love pain broken heart faith islam sisters forgive Beat brokenheart Muhammad heartache repent haqq femaleCompanions
sherlock johnlock asib don't know if it's been done before so okay just a little point here: i'm not saying that it's the same but the Irene scene made me think look at all the meals scenes we NEVER see sherlock actually eating anything and yet he's always there when John does we know he never eats while on a case but why should he stay with John while he eats? wouldn't he consider it a waste of his time? he could just leave John behind and carry on with the case but no he always stays with him even if he's not hungry whether they're on a case or not sherlock stays with John i'm just saying that it means something what you want to take from this is up to you