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Okay so I had a thought,

You know when Onion gives Steven his Explorer Gal, well Steven gave Onion that one Guy at the end of an episode saying something about it representing time with his Dad so he was okay with Onion having it because he doesn’t get to spend much time with his own Dad.

Maybe Onion returned the favour and gave Steven Explorer Gal because it represents the time he gets to spend with his Mom and he knows Steven never gets to spend time with his own Mom.

And now my heart is broken. It’s okay. I didn’t need it any way.

EDIT: Okay so… since this seems to be my most popular post have a 5 minute Onion sketch in celebration!

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when we said we wanted a Sherlock referance in Doctor who we didnt mean like that you masochistic bastard
  • moffat:no, mum, I didn't break the vase.
  • mum:who did it then?
  • moffat:outside the window there was a butterfly and the butterfly flew past the window and our canary saw it and squeaked and the goldfish hit the tank and the cat was interested in the goldfish because the cat is hungry...
  • mum:so the cat knocked over the vase?
  • moffat:or did he?
  • mum:steven--
  • moffat:I guess you'll have to wait till next season.
  • *flies away, cackling madly*
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