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Well meany regard the season of Halloween as a time to be prick, egging houses and tossing bathroom products around others lawns, there is one woman I met for only a short moment who just blew me the fuck away.

My neighbor was kind enough to take my shopping, things have been running low in my house and I do not have my own source of transportation. Well, we went to target, and there we saw this woman, maybe five foot tall, and dressed as a rainbow, with her two kids. One of them rocking a ninja costume, and the other a ninja turtle. At their height getting things from high shelves would pose as a challenge for anyone, so when I saw her reach for something, and her son’s try to as well I offered my help. She smiled, but declined, saying. "No, me and the boys can get it." She then lifted one of them up and he grabbed the thing he wanted, she did the same with the other. The kids were more then happy to help, and her face lit up every time they smiled.

it was in the next isle she set them to go grab something for her and turned to me. “I hope that didn’t seem rude. My boys love to help and it makes them feel good about themselves to do so.” I assured her there was no hard feeling, and she smiled again. "Its important to make kids feel important so they grow up with the right confidence in themselves to do things on their own. Even if moms and dads don’t like it, one day they will move out, and you just have to hope you did things right." I almost teared up, all I could do for them moment was nod my head in agreement.

As soon as I was just with my neighbor and thought she wasn’t around I turned to him. “There is nothing that lady will have to worry about. She’s a perfect mom.” He nodded, adding in. “Fucking mom of the lifetime dude. Anyone with a mom like her would be one lucky motherfucker. She’s doing it right.”

We ended up behind her in line, her kids were begging for candy or something and I heard an off handed comment. "You’ll get load of candy tomorrow. More then enough for the candy fairy and you to share." I was confused, but ignored it. When we got to the check out, and it was our turn the person working had a smile on her face. So I asked. “Do you know what the candy fairy is?” She smiled and nodded. Evidently the candy fairy is something she made up for her kids so they could stay healthy in the holiday season. The kids trade half of their candy for any toy they write to her and tell them they want. She then takes half of the kids candy, leaves the toy in their room, and donates the candy to someone else. This fucking lady need to be mom of the year. She lets her kids have all the fun of going out and getting the candy then gives them any toy they want, no matter the price, and give the candy away instead of keeping it for herself.

If that wasn’t enough, she had a gift card, which she didn’t use all of, and left it for our order. It had 20 bucks on it, which for me is a big fucking deal cause money is so tight right now. The lady at the counter said she heard me say I couldn’t afford both bread and milk, so she left it there for me and my friend because we made her smile. 

If This all wasn’t more then I could handle, this morning I heard giggling, child laughter outside the door of my apartment. I ignored it, assuming it was pranksters, for the time being, but when I finally went outside thirty minutes later there was candy taped to my door. It left me confused, but every door I could see from my apartment also had one, so I took it. There was a note, which I’m not posting a picture of as it has my apartment number on it. But it read. ‘Me and my children noticed that trick or treating was not aloud in your complex. They said it made them sad, and wished you to have this so you could have a Happy Halloween.’ I rushed back out, looking for them anywhere. I couldn’t go get candy because of personal reasons I don’t want to go into, and wanted to thank them. The only glimpse I saw was a lady… getting in a car with her two kids… dressed as a rainbow… 

I think… I believe in the fucking candy fairy now…

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