• I think it’s cool to have one lizard but imagine having thirty lizards. That’s the kind ... or snakes? orrrrrr obviously turtles and tortoises yes or like fifty frogs give or take BULK ANIMAL FUTURE londie •

I think it’s cool to have one lizard but imagine having thirty lizards. That’s the kind of life I want to have.

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I think it’s cool to have one lizard but imagine having thirty lizards. That’s the kind of life I want to have.
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LETS PLAY THE 'YES' OR 'NO' GAME: Ask me questions and I'm only allowed to answer with 'Yes' or 'No'...
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* glee otp: you take my breath away ??????????????? ??? moulin rouge ?????? or anything i don't want to talk about this coloring or this photoset i'm so tired of this stupid storyline kurt asks him out > he disappears for 2 episodes and then kurt hooks up with blaine and he doesn't tell him about it because it obviously didn't mean anything!!! he asks kurt if he used to sing cwm with blaine kurt says yes he asks kurt if he's still in love with blaine kurt doesn't say anything (this time) but it's obvious he still loves him so he's like aw that's cool!! let's go see a movie!!! because he's fucking 22 years old and apparently fine with being someone's rebound??? and then disappears for another 3 or 4 episodes??? i don't understand????? we'll probably see him again when they break it off whatever the fuck it is who the fuck knows anyway my point is
Teen Wolf stiles stilinski derek hale Sterek *tw *au twedit haleinski otp: what am I supposed to do with him? simplystiles SLAVERY CW araya calavera abusive language cw triggering language cw idk man just tagging all the triggers idk if i'll continue this verse but obviously stiles is not a bad person in this and he's totally new to all of this since his family is strictly anti slavery and his best friend is a werewolf in hiding he just saw derek there bruised and bloody and beaten and miserable and felt like he had to get him out so he scrapes all his money together and buys derek to give him a safe place he can call home and he totally fakes his bravado and douchebaggery in front of araya cause all the slave owners he knows are massive douchebags and he thinks she won't believe him if he doesn't pretend to be an awful human being he just didn't consider derek might hear him and now obviously derek doesn't trust or believe him and stiles kinda wants to hit himself and promises to himself he'll make this right and show derek he can trust him and then all kinds of problems arise obviously and stiles probably joins a party that wants to abolish slavery bc slavery is super fucked up and psa yes i am aware that this gifset is problematic it's supposed to be yeah this is vaguely inspired by 'not as described'
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i am shocked and appalled by the americans’ habit of wearing shoes in their house like??? okay maybe you spend a lot of time aggressively scrubbing your streets clean but like? your feet haven’t seen sunlight for eleven years Matthew, your toes look like pickled onions
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