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This is for 2nd prize from my event :D
Request : “Papyton”
Hmm…I think …..I ship this…..OH YES…
Sinner VS. Innocent

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mine My art leg papyrus undertale mettaton papyton undertale60min mettaton x papyrus papyrus x mettaton
doodles papyrus pipi undertale mettaton ex papyton
papyrus undertale mettaton mettaton ex papyton happstablook because MTT room name ' room_water_hapstablook' papyrus guess this almost correct...and i think papyrus might know them some how king MTT  ending it's okay he still have Sans hapstablook
papyrus undertale mettaton papyton
My art papyrus Chara frisk sans undertale Napstablook undyne mettaton papyton ive been trying to practice more so have an art dump from my sketchbook doodles lol also trying out a new papyrus
long post undertale thai draws mettaton ex papyton papyrus (undertale) thats what u get for dating a big fucking nerd papyrus im sry idk what to tell u
so much papyrus undertale mettaton ex papyton I CAN'T HELP IT I LOVE THEM i love papyton with all my heart my mettas are really inconsistent whoops
holiday happy holidays papyrus frisk gaster sans undertale toriel Napstablook flowey alphys undyne mettaton Asgore papyton soriel alphyne mak's art lock it up sans
My art Fanart Smoking cigarette papyrus wheezes bodyswap sans undertale ttoba art mettaton papyton this was a really fun scribble session 8u8b thats a lot of papyrus drawing in one sitting i dont think ive drawn these many toll skeleton in the past was good practice tho!
undertale undertale sans undertale papyrus frisk (undertale) undertale alphys undertale mettaton Undertale Undyne undertale frisk undertalefanart undertalegaster undertale muffet undertale all character i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mettaton thinks he’s hot shit but...
READ CONCLUSION UNDER THE CUT! (sorry for the lack of consistent character models)Sorry, Mettaton. You just can’t win this one. Never with in-laws.