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** Lee Minho City Hunter Park Min Young Lee Yoon Sung kim nana dramas i wanted 2 cap this drama in 3 episode steps until i realized episode themed edits should feature key scenes of each episode which this edit.....does not...so it's kinda pointless esp as i left out 3/4 of the cast as well whatever this is only for my own sanity anyway
gif gaming spoilers clementine ;____; mine:graphics twd spoilers the walking dead game twdg the walking dead: the game lee everett THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES LEE I'll miss you so much ugh WHY DO I K telltale games the walking dead spoilers the walking dead game spoilers TWDG spoilers episode 5 spoilers
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(In order of appearance.) American Dragon: Jake Long Season ...
photoset edit Graphic twd the walking dead season one the walking dead game twdg lee everett no time left edit:game edit:twd twd:space oh lookie i made myself sad
mine twd the walking dead light of my life Michonne Danai Gurira twdedit as usual she was the best part of the episode
the last of us tlou tlouedit joel and ellie henry and sam i know i missed out the tension for henry's death but ten gifs is the max
the walking dead 4.01 30 days without an accident my favourite walker of the episode tbh
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