• This is currently what my dashboard feels like patrick laughing so hard surprised pat when did i acquire all of these portraits of patrick??? this is too great keelyrun •

This is currently what my dashboard feels like

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This is currently what my dashboard feels like
gif LOL lmao patrick pony surprised pat moonwalking pony none of my followers will reblog this
cake patrick patrick star sorry i'm sorry but seriously shocked patrick I put way too much time into this haha remember what this cake originally said funny stuff there so much patrick
David Tennant notes tennant tuesday DT it was too hard Reminii's edits I swear I tried to reduce the no. of images I JUST COULDN'T CHOOSE WHICH ONE TO DELETE So.. here's all of them
Seungri mygif taeyang t.o.p g-dragon cl Team B Just so you know I'M LAUGHING SO HARD 100% shame 0% regret i want to make more of these but i really have no idea where to put hanbin omfg this is how i chose to spend my saturday night btw i'm a huge boy a queue a mino
loki avengers alpacasso that's my shit can't... stop... laughing this is what happens when I am tired as fuck
gif amazing patrick patrick star domino dominoes patricio patricio estrella amazed patrick the star surprised patrick shocked patrick patricio asombrado danphinite
mine assassin's creed ezio ezio auditore Assassin's Creed Revelations Ezio Auditore da Firenze AC* this graphic is literally named 'when i was shit.png' simply because i had such a hard a time with how do typography and i am still not pleased with it but i just couldn't think of something else because of my brain being all 'beeeeeeeeeeeeep'
mine queue mangacaps myedit MY BABIES Shikamaru Nara Team 10 Ino Yamanaka naruto challenge Chouji Akimichi narutographic chapter55 chapter530 i'm like 400% sure that the quote in the caption is a filler quote but i'm too lazy to check if you don't think that team 10 has the best teamwork out of all konoha teams then you're wrong who cares about team7 when you can have these cuties loved them since ever this category is supposed to be for my fav platonic relationships but now that i think about it i actually ship all of them romantically too naruto is a great series for multi-shipping
animation exo !edit ot12 edit:exo history one turned out pretty confusing and................ug and mama one is too simple sob the last ones i did bc hard to think of smth great then i got lazier which made it even more terrible sigh
Demi Lovato The X Factor don't Let's talk about this moment for minute Like how much this tore me into a thousand different pieces How I felt like I couldn't breathe because I was crying so damn hard Tears were everywhere And so were my feels They were just spilling all over the place And I couldn't stop I went from crying to sobbing to sobbing to crying because this part of the show just had my emotions all kinds of fucked up And then my precious baby Demetria is bawling her eyes out and just no Don't cry bb My heart couldn't take it The pain in Jillian's voice when she was singing killed a part of me She did such a good job though