• This is currently what my dashboard feels like patrick laughing so hard surprised pat when did i acquire all of these portraits of patrick??? this is too great keelyrun •

This is currently what my dashboard feels like

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This is currently what my dashboard feels like
r my posts msn found this and just had to does this make me an ancient here? because i literally did all of this
sunggyu infinite gpx:infinite can you not do this to me please I HOPE MY TRANSLATIONS ARE CORRECT? compared with someone else and it was close enough o DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR SQUISHYNESS CRIES did you shave off your happy trail too wtf istg if you did... WHY THE HAPPY TRAIL HAS TO EXIST TO BE SUNGGYU YOU CAN'T JUST SHAVE THAT OFFFFFF i was all like OMG OPPAR NO OMG SKIN OMG SUNGGYU WH AT when i saw a jpg of his tummy but then i watched the clip and i was laughing so hard cause he literally flashed for like a quarter of a second i forgot 'be' between possible lmao oh thank you to  the person that helped me confirm the translation ;;
gif gifs ** Merlin BBC Merlin merlin bbc 1knotes merlinedit this is what i loved the most about merlin i loved lots of things obviously but these 'domestic' moments when they are all laughing and smiling and they are so carefree and happy this is what i loved the most and even merlin is involved he is one of them and they all know it arthur is their king but he enjoys being around them nonetheless yes this is what i miss the most
disney Fanart portrait princess the little mermaid ariel beauty and the beast Belle Disney Princess SORT OF realism Digital Painting disney fanart THIS IS SO EMBARASSING drawing is hard Disney fan art
gif LOL lmao patrick pony surprised pat moonwalking pony none of my followers will reblog this
1000 *mine mike ross gabriel macht harvey specter suitsusa suitsedit so i made one this was so hard to colour otp: assholes in suits patrick j adam but i wanted a 500px version this thing finally hit 1000 i'm kinda surprised cos it wasn't getting anymore notes until heartsuits reblogged it and woah hits 1000 this is what happens when a famous blog reblogs your stuff
1k Chris Evans Sebastian Stan sebstanedit Marvel cast marvelcastedit cevansedit mineseb minemarvelcast i am laughing goodbye minece seb's face in the second one tho he's thinking about it way too much and then there's these assholes this gifset is just like [muffled sounds of questioning sexuality in the distance]
cake patrick patrick star sorry i'm sorry but seriously shocked patrick I put way too much time into this haha remember what this cake originally said funny stuff there so much patrick
art animation minecraft gif warning Achievement Hunter RoosterTeeth ray narvaez jr pat the head about 90% of my artblog is king au face in hands so I did a cutesy thing to root it back to the land of reality and not royalty-related fantasies now the ritual is complete and I feel ok drawing murder-happy kings again uwu my favourite is pat the head
mine teen titans raven anyway characteristics rachel roth i'm actually quite surprised i've gotton such a positive amount of feedback on these edits?? it was unexpected i am so fond of raven it's ridiculous i'm actually in love with her i was originally gonna use a characteristic other than beautiful but 1) she is stunning and 2) because i remembered when malchior called her beautiful and she was so unsettled by the compliment so this is me saying YES RAVEN YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL YOU'RE GORGEOUS EMBRACE IT LOVE IT LOVE YOURSELF also with the resilient characteristic i also mean that she's strong and powerful i just couldn't find a proper definition that fit all of it in