• This is currently what my dashboard feels like patrick laughing so hard surprised pat when did i acquire all of these portraits of patrick??? this is too great keelyrun •

This is currently what my dashboard feels like

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David Tennant notes tennant tuesday DT it was too hard Reminii's edits I swear I tried to reduce the no. of images I JUST COULDN'T CHOOSE WHICH ONE TO DELETE So.. here's all of them
loki avengers alpacasso that's my shit can't... stop... laughing this is what happens when I am tired as fuck
animation exo !edit ot12 edit:exo history one turned out pretty confusing and................ug and mama one is too simple sob the last ones i did bc hard to think of smth great then i got lazier which made it even more terrible sigh
Demi Lovato The X Factor don't Let's talk about this moment for minute Like how much this tore me into a thousand different pieces How I felt like I couldn't breathe because I was crying so damn hard Tears were everywhere And so were my feels They were just spilling all over the place And I couldn't stop I went from crying to sobbing to sobbing to crying because this part of the show just had my emotions all kinds of fucked up And then my precious baby Demetria is bawling her eyes out and just no Don't cry bb My heart couldn't take it The pain in Jillian's voice when she was singing killed a part of me She did such a good job though
So, I just realized that Hussie gave us a morality play about how overindulgence in drugs and alcohol, and especially a reliance in such things as a coping mechanism to deal with the sometimes harsh realities of life, is a Bad Thing. He directed this moral lesson at teenagers. On the internet. AND I...
when you are close to me i shiver
anon: can you show me some good examples of louis looking completely wrecked/turned on by harry? u know u want to i can try lol no really though i can try because the thing is, harry’s thirst is sort of in a league of its own. i mean it’s practically demonic, you just really can̵...
Illustration disney sobs digital alicexz artists on tumblr i just wanted to do one of these photosets too goddangit i love all these ladies remember when i did disney art MY LIFE IS BRITISH TELEVISION NOW
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan 1D Celebs larry Storyboard _feature _with_tag _tag_interview jessica bennet
glee Darren Criss blaine anderson **** Matt Bomer cooper anderson i was laughing so hard at all of coopers scenes
gif Aang Sokka toph avatar the last airbender the legend of korra MY FUCKING BABIES OMG i still can't believe this is them all grown up too amazing to comprehend
my edits mine lord of the rings LOTR legolas legolas greenleaf I was bored when I made this so it's not that great. u _ u
exo exo k love of my life chanyeol [g] happy birthday love the fairest of them all i talked too much why can i just place it on a memo so much for feelings i did this like 6 hours tbh it was kind of hard hahah