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This is a kid that I met when I was teaching Vacation Bible School at my church last week.

I ran into him when I was going into our activity center and took notice of the gem he had placed on his forehead that he’d gotten because for the craft we made crosses that we could put these plastic gems on and we had a lovely conversation.

Me: Hey I like your gem.
Kid: Why thank you, I bet you don’t know what show it’s from.
Me: Steven Universe.
Kid: Ah! You guessed it, but you probably don’t know what character has this gem.
Me: Pearl.
Kid: Ah! You’ve answered all my questions, you must have the future vision of Garnet.
Me: I do. My girlfriend absolutely adores Pearl, we’re basically a real life Ruby and Sapphire.
Kid: Really!?!?! You are Garnet!!!
Me: Yeah I suppose so.
Kid: Pearl is my favorite.
Me: Mine is Amethyst, in fact it’s also my birthstone.
Kid: Pearl is the smartest, most perfect, prettiest, and best gem there is - if I was a girl I’d marry her.
Me: *laughs* I like the way you think.

I thought it was the coolest thing that this boy found my lgbt relationship perfectly normal (especially since this was a religious function) and that he was so attached to this non-binary, identified female, lesbian character - it proves that Steven Universe isn’t just effecting young girls (and us too, but I’m talking about the target audience), but also teaching boys that like a female character is completely normal and that girls can be kick ass too.

The effect this show is having on the younger generation makes me so happy.

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