• pearl SU steven universe su spoilers Specially Pearl in a tux hmmhmmMM i'm so gay for her Mr Greg i think we can all agree that i can't paint bgs shocolatovann •

Screencap redraw! I love how she looked there ❤
Ahh I loved everything in this episode

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gif i'm sorry neko K Project suoh mikoto Yata misaki yatogami kuroh Isana Yashiro munakata reisi Fushimi Saruhiko totsuka tatara kusanagi izumo Awashima Seri fuckingraphics anime (K) woah. do i tag everyone? FOR ORGANIZATION SAKE I WILL... I AM SO SORRY FOR SPAMMING THE TAGS THO kushina anna OOF THERE i think this looks way too busy... bUT i really wanted to make something like this and i had a lot of fun doing it ;~; I COULD HAVE PICKED LESS PAIRS BUT N O P E I COULDN'T ;___; ugh all such beautiful relationships with such diverse dynamics all the things said in this episode was so Good too which is why i wanted to pick a few of my favorite quotes and make this ;~; also can we all agree that seri's call to izumo was to get him to talk to yata and mikoto about fushimi and munakata TEAMPURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Haylor Song (Trouble Parody)
The Angry Fandom Dashboard (arranged by me) 
The Haylor Song (Trouble Parody) **Disclaimer: Not trying to be offend anyone or...
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doctor who matt smith Arthur Darvill Rory Williams Eleven edit dwedit eleven x rory i'm having a situation and can't stop my photoshop is home for these two and please HOW MARRIED THEY ARE and yes let's reject the fact that rory is actually doctor's father in law OMG CANON CAN BE SO CRUEL i don't mind mr and mrs doctor it's just WHOSE DAUGHTER SHE IS that is becoming a serious issue distorting my shippery paradise
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bow Kerry Washington don't mind me i've just got a fucking tree in both of my eyes
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1k * brotp Liz Lemon 30 rock jack donaghy 30rock^ lemon^ jd^ my ships llemon jdonaghy i should've tried to make this prettier. :/ that quote says it all these two have all the elements that would make me ship a pair... yet i can't help but only think of them as the closest and best friends or brother and sister i completely get why you would ship them though all the things they've done for each other liz making out with devon to help jack jack transferring floyd's girlfriend to conneticut for liz jack turning down padma lakshmi because he wanted to help liz out instead jack flying back to nyc from washington once liz found out about her false positive on her pregnancy test liz dancing in her bra in front of a huge room full of people to make sure jack didn't get embarrassed and just being each other's confidant there's so much more too greatest pair :')