• pearl SU steven universe su spoilers Specially Pearl in a tux hmmhmmMM i'm so gay for her Mr Greg i think we can all agree that i can't paint bgs shocolatovann •

Screencap redraw! I love how she looked there ❤
Ahh I loved everything in this episode

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@ all the Pearl hate (spoilers)
So i’m already seeing Pearl hate in like every Steven Universe tag, and i feel like this perfectly represents tumblr’s obnoxious habit of jumping to rash conclusions. First of all, yes. What Pearl said/did to Greg in this episode was wrong. And the episode at no point acts like she was right. But be...
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mine 10k Steven pearl amethyst SU garnet steven universe suedit food// long post // Greg Universe violence // su spoilers steven quartz universe i remade this bc i saw lots of peeople talking about how there wasnt like a comet this is really long  man but i hope its cool!!