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period explosion period humor
Period Troubles
Period: you want cookies Period: you want to fuck Period: you want to fuck while eating cookies Period: lets be sad about trivial things, shall we? Period: kill them Period: kill them too Period: kill them and eat their cookies Period: shhhh it’s okay you’ll feel better soon Period: no y...
on ur period like
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  • Person:Hey
  • Me:Can you shut the fuck up.
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  • How To Have Sex With A Girl On Her Period:1.) Grab a towel 2.) Quit being a little bitch.
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Fuck periods I am a fucking lesbian I don’t need this shit
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  • me:shut the fuck up
  • me:don't fucking touch me
  • me:I want someone to hug me
  • me:food
  • me:why didn't God bless me with a dick
  • me:why the fuck are you breathing
  • me:get the fuck out my way
  • me:at least i'm not pregnant