• whenever a friend tells you they wanna have a skype call Persona 3 Skype I really wish I could mod skype so this happens boredmanda •

whenever a friend tells you they wanna have a skype call


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whenever a friend tells you they wanna have a skype call
gif homestuck Skype this is what happens when i have photoshop and too much free time
for people having issues with Skype taking up too much CPU
pls reblog this version for correct information!!its honestly a pretty simple fix 1. go to options2. go to advanced and then the subcategory connection3. untick box “use port 80 and 443 as additional incoming connections”4. restart 5. ????6. profit!!!for most people, this should work. port 80 and 44...
shut up amanda FUCKING SKYPE
Persona 4 Persona 3 but not really Persona Aigis Persona 4 arena persona 3 portable Persona 3 Fes persona 3 movie aegis Persona 5 persona 4 ultimax persona 3 midsummer knight's dream
imagine ur height difference otp
i have no idea how to make friends on this website
Listen does anyone else remember that episode of Scooby Do where theyre talking about how thick the fog was and one of them pulled out a knife and cut a circle in the fog and then ate the fog circle. why is this so vivid.
love death and poetry Skype spilled ink alt lit secret series oops someone used their actual skype messages isn't that cheating if anyone selfpromos on this i will bite them just fyi
Anna Kendrick Brittany Snow OMG I LOVE THIS pitch perfect beca mitchell bechloe chloe beale sendrick pitch perfect 2 probably more than i should beca xchloe sext messaging gotta love skype
My art Fanart doodle eric bittle omgcp jack zimmermann zimbits i'm fucking dead like this is it this is the end????? they skype every night???? bitty is learning french????? fuck OFF a man's heart can only take so much
that's why a drew a random fox girl also I'm at my grandmum's so no skype and stuff