• There are characters who are trash, and deny it. There are others, though, who are trash and they em... Persona 4 yosuke hanamura everyone is gay Persona 4 Golden no seriously Kitty and I have been playing and at first we hated Yosuke but soon enough we found out how much of a dumb gay baby he is Yosuke confirmed best second banana NA is such a good game the translation team did an amazing job bumping up the queer levels in this game everyone is gay your schoolmates are gay your uncledad is gay 10 out of 10 A++ would buy again maxkirin •

There are characters who are trash, and deny it.

There are others, though, who are trash and they embrace it.


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There are characters who are trash, and deny it. There are others, though, who are trash and they embrace it.
Persona 4 P4 pq yosuke hanamura yu narukami AND THE CROWD GOES WILD persona q the only reason i'm pissed i chose p3 route for the marriage thing this is a gift to humanity and i will not stop saying it SOUYO LIVES group date cafe minaoi
my posts video games Persona 4 Persona yosuke hanamura fanarts yu narukami commissions artist on tumblr nanako dojima cute art souyo Ai-wa after my two wildcardship commissions (i should recieve the second one soon) it was high time i asked for a souyo fanart well it's mild and mostly crack but i love it! since there are already plenty of great fanarts featuring those two i thought i should try to come up with an interesting scenario yu's dreams was the perfect excuse basically what's happening here is yu is dreaming that he's chosen as miss inaba (don't ask) and he has to pick mister inaba of course he picks yosuke who else nanako is there because 1) he adores nanako and 2) she's their official cheerleader who is very proud of them i asked for the cat tights on yu because i couldn't resist he's rocking the look no wonder yosuke looks so flustered haha ai was supposedly the one who chose the outfit btw though in reality it was ai-wa and i who had a big discussion about it and what would look best on his build but that's a secret ;)
What the Bible/Scriptures really say about homosexuality.(SO...
my gifs graphics humor my posts video games gifset Shin Megami Tensei yosuke hanamura Kanji Tatsumi Teddie junpei iori persona gifs persona q video games gifs does a boyfriend count i wonder also kanji is pretty much getting his revenge in this game i haven't counted all the times he burned yosuke but he's on a roll and i'm not even gonna mention teddie since he gets told off every time he opens his mouth i know it's for comic relief but i feel kinda conflicted about all these barbs...
epilepsy warning Persona 4 P4 Rise Kujikawa Chie Satonaka yosuke hanamura Kanji Tatsumi yu narukami Teddie tw epilepsy Persona 4 Dancing All Night P4D my persona post this game is stupid but i just want to play with Chie and then die she looks badas while dancing and Yosuke tries so hard to dance like a cool guy i want this game...
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death cw selfie bee periods cw is it true that 'bathroom' is a super vulgar term for toilet room in America?? I think I heard about that in school once? what are you saying instead? I think bathroom is super nice it does not sound like you would use that room for poop at all but maybe the vulgar term was 'toilet'? maybe i am confused I do not remember it well my old high school is having a christmas market next december maybe I should go and ask and buy a bad looking candle every class had to craft something for the christmas market so our parents would buy it and then the nuns would have money to buy more boeat boats for our boat competition team and we all just made candles every year children are not very good at making candles you know one year (grade 5 or 6?) our carnival celebration in class did not happen official because our teacher got sick or something but looking back it was probably because that year 'Traumschiff Surprise" was really the big thing in Germany (Traumschiff Surprise is a German Star Trek parody and it is about how gay everone is) and like 5 boys were planning to dress up as Capitain Cock and Spucki and this was not an idea that good at our catholic school so there was no carnival for us because of gay Star Trek so to make up for it our teacher wrote a funny poem about our class and every student hat a little rhyme but my teacher had forgotten that I was in her class and when she realized after she finished the poem that there was still a rhyme missing she just looked at me and tried to make up something on the spot
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