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Persona 5 Characters

  • Protagonist/The Phantom: The player character, a delinquent who moonlights as a gentlemanly thief. Wears a masquerade-ball mask and wields knives and handguns.
  • Ryuji Sakamoto (?? ??): A yellow haired delinquent who attends the Protagonist’s school and joins the Protagonist in his hesits. Wears a skull mask and wields bludgeons and shotguns as weapons.
  • Anne Takamaki (?? ?): A blonde girl in the Protagonist’s homeroom, who joins the Protagonist in his heists. Possibly foreign, as Takamaki is a Finnish last name. Wears a cat mask and uses whips and submachineguns.
  • Morgana (????): A shapeshifting cat that joins the protagonist in his heists and has some sort of connection to the Seven Deadly Sins. Wields swords and slingshots.
  • Igor
  • Twin Assistants: Two young assistants to Igor in the Velvet Room. They both wear an eyepatch over one of their eyes and a blue prison guard outfit. One has a long braid, the other hair buns.
  • Munehisa Iwai: Owner of the Military Shop “Untouchable.”
  • Takemi Tae: Owner of the Takemi Medical Clinic. Appears via internet broadcast, possibly meaning they order from her online.

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