• i wonder what it feels like to be in love with someone who is in love with you too Personal goodnight im so pathetic its 12mn im gonna sleep actually its already 1 ugh im sad im gonna listen to lana as i fall asleep surprisebitch •

i wonder what it feels like to be in love with someone who is in love with you too

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Loki never went to his mother’s funeral
whenever a hot guy wears glasses an angel falls from heavenĀ 
my gifs tom hiddleston loki eNouGH OF YOUR SILLY GIFSET pls this was such a pain if its already been done im gonna kms no actually nO bc i dID a tHiNG aND IM pROUD OF IT
space stuff things dubstep Seven lions eat sleep rave repeat not so punk its okay i guess isis is a solid track hashtag so liquid and bassy actually im going to listen to electro house now or something like that
guys omgf these are my pals and they made this for a media a...
homestuck kanaya maryam again kanaya dumb art its tEN IN THE MORNING... and im not asleep wow ollies off to bed
my gifs the hobbit radagast radagast the brown im so sorry im so fucking sorryfkhjkdjlfljdg based on my favourite post on tumblr literally okay i had to also im gonna watermark my gifs now because nyeh reposts ugh
ace attorney court record i give in i dont want to be sad about apollo anymore its too much i want to get to the husbands and apollo being cute im so sad im so sad
art pokemon leafeon scribbles pokemon art hhhhHHH enough drawing im gonna go play pokemon Y hell yea h its raining outside so i cant hang out in the woodsy area like i usually do when im out here hm fannyart
cave drawings lmao im prolly gonna delete this its so lazy and bad
photo sorry not sorry OMG I HAD TO DO IT IM GONNA DO 1 MORE GLITTER
gif tony perry etc its really good when i said i was gonna make gifs what i really meant was im going to make a million different variations of this 3 second long piece of footage because its tony and i just have this thing about tonys face