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Me ft. Good hair

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1k jb *gifs Jackson youngjae jr Mark bambam got7 yugyeom g(ot7) i spent the whole day on this but the quality still came out bad oh man im done with photoshop tho bc it keeps dying so pls ignore how bad this is lol
  • old me:ah yes I remember the Great Skeleton War of 2014.
  • grandchildren:grandma that never happened.
  • old me:it was a long war.
  • grandchildren:grandma please stop we've talked about this.
  • old me:the only way to end it was to make a treaty with the skeletons.
  • grandchildren:grandma
  • old Me:and that's why humans have skeletons inside them.
  • grandchildren:gRANDMA PLEASE
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me: tries to be a big fluffy ball of support and positivity to help my friends!!!me: is actually a big ball of sadness, emotional instability and paranoia and needs to be taken care of