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Personal my photography World Book Day studyspo studyblr

World Book Day 2015

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Personal my photography World Book Day studyspo studyblr
30 Day Studyblr Challenge
Hello everyone! So in my time here I haven’t really come across a studyblr challenge other than the great “100 days of productivity” meme which I know is really helping a lot of people! I know there are probably some out there but I decided to contribute too! However, I know some people struggle wi...
Some days I’m like: study, jog, do chores, create art, doll myself up, eat healthy and plan what I should do for the next two years… And on other days I’m like: scroll twitter, open instagram, roll in bed, sleep in the day, wake up, snack on junk food, scroll twitter, open instagra...
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i’m going to reach my goal this year. i’m going to work so fucking hard and make no more shitty excuses. 
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