• Personal not a gaming keyboard tho but it's better than using my mac laptop for my games naomilku •
Personal not a gaming keyboard tho but it's better than using my mac laptop for my games

my ~gaming~ keyboard&mouse(´ ??).???

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Personal not a gaming keyboard tho but it's better than using my mac laptop for my games
mac it's always sunny in philadelphia always sunny Mac McDonald HOLY SHIT MAC OH MY GOD mac x rex this was even better than i remembered
gaming Personal tech keyboard cm storm cherry mx brown
gaming video games my graphics destiny enjoy! hunter class gaming edits destiny edits for he-is-a-ginger it's nowhere near as good as the other types of edits i've seen on destiny but ah well lmao
amy poehler top gif1 apoehleredit god this was supposed to be a full photoset but my laptop is half good rn because it's only dependent on the charger &apparently- mac only runs half the processor so ok sloowww and ok i should stop talking someone else pls gif the rest
arrested development I think I'm going to cry i can't access any of the downloads sites on my laptop and my old laptop doesn't even connect to the internet and then i tried my dad's and the download failed so now he's trying a torrent but i don't think it's hq HATING EVERYTHING RN episode: top banana
gif Harry Styles One Direction mine 1D hmm Burberry im not sure if i like this action? its hard to tell on this laptop i think its better than my other action maybe its just my coloring
my stuff valve team fortress 2 tf2 team fortress Expiration Date im sorry for the bad quality I really felt like making a gifset but I'm on my laptop my laptop fucking sucks everything looks wrong on it so yeah this might looks horrible and I might not even see it cause LAPTOP so might remake this sometime but for now have this
gifs Kiki's Delivery Service studio ghibli ughhhh studioghibligif the giffing situation is bad guys my laptop that has ps is really old and kmplayer wasn't updating and i want to download better quality for some of the movies but that laptop is so slow but i don't want to download ps on my new laptop cause idk if i trust the links i've found to be safe plus this laptop has all my notes so it doesn't have a lot of space for movies and tv shows and ps /rambling in the tags
1k my posts kingdom hearts khgifs hey movie posters 3k KH1 Kingdom hearts 1 khedits GUESS WHO FINALLY MADE AN EDIT AFTER A BILLION YEARS THIS GIIIRL EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT ORIGINAL WHO CARES YOLO also if any kheditors want that psd for not-cutoff station of awakening message me you can tell it's edited but it's better than cutoff in my opinion
fitblr fitspo Legs nike whatever fitness muscle fitspiration gymlife gym girls dat calf tho gray is such a good color but so bad for sweat go ahead and stare at my sweaty ass it's probably working harder than yours
  • me:[wakes up]
  • me:video games
  • me:[has shit to do]
  • me:video games
  • me:[responsibilities.......]
  • me:video games
  • world:[is ending]
  • me:video games