• What’s the difference between Derek Hale and my jokes? My jokes can’t be topped. Personal text post please ignore me just saying derek hale hof bottom!derek point is as you know i can't be hald accountable for anything i say past midnight and it's always past midnight therefore you should never feed me ....wait i've wandered into gremlins territory now sterek switch and a gremlins au would be wicked cute hoechlinth •

What’s the difference between Derek Hale and my jokes?

My jokes can’t be topped.

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1k mine 5k robb stark asoiaf oops Arya Stark gotedit gotaryastark gotrobbstark gendrie i've been meaning 2 make this for a long time but annalesa reminded me lol 'they say he can't be killed' 'arya had always been harder to tame' idk if i like this but yea i've been meaning 2 make it and i've done several attempts in the past and lol this is probs as good as it's gonna get
snsd dreamskgif sorry for the bad vocabulary :(
Teen Wolf art tag daunt i'm just tagging you because you asked me to let you know when i did the society6 thing!!! and i felt weird messaging you like 'hey i have this store if you want to buy stuff' this allows you to ignore me if you want also lmao look at me aggressively drawing stiles in profile i can't do his nose front on THAT'S WHY in case any of you have ever wondered why he's always at that angle
they DON'T i can't think straight but it's true sheetal sheth q slur desi lgbtq desi femslash i apologize for this huge wall of text but i was watching this movie and i swear i straight up started crying at this our parents would never say out loud that they don't want us to be happy and that's resulting in a huge generation of kids that are miserable af and they don't know what to do about it because it isn't their own misery it's their parents disappointment and fury and disgust and what they do is they internalize all that negativity and they project it onto every single other person in their life their straight friends and professors or just anyone everybody becomes your parents everybody becomes your enemy
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american horror story AHS Jamie Brewer respect nan be kind coven American Horror Story: Coven Be kind to one another
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