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Steve Garrington’s Photography Captures the Violent Clash Of Storms And Waves

Self-proclaimed amateur photographer Steve Garrington, hailing from Cardiff, Wales, has laboured over six years to capture the unpredictable moments of nature.  as it batters the little lighthouse of Porthcawl, a little city in Wales.

The brutal beauty of the ocean, as it opens an onslaught on a timid lighthouse in Porthcawl, a little city in Wales, stands by itself to fight the raging winds and tides for the first time since 1806.

In the middle of the force of nature, Garrington creates magic. His photography is dominated by the overwhelming waves and stormy skies.

Garrington’s photography does justice to nature in its primal glory. Towering and frothing waves break over stones as sunlight seeps through the turbulent sky. Garrington does not dare to soften the rough scene for the observer. He has restrained himself from intervening and has allowed nature to take the spotlight in this series of stunning landscape photography.

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