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Opera Garnier. Paris, France.

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  • phantom:hey
  • phantom:i just met you
  • phantom:and this is crazy
  • phantom:but i've been stalking you for years because since the moment i first heard you sing i have needed you with me to serve me to sing for my music so i gave you an excellent vocal training through the walls under the guise of the angel of music and/or your dead father and now that you've become a success overnight i'm really hoping you'll come and live underground with me and we can just fuck and sing all the time because you alone can make my song take flight
  • phantom:so call me maybe
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3x18 Glee Cast - Music of the Night (Stripped Down) Sung by: Chris Colfer (Kurt)
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[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]
The Music of the Night + Kurt and Blaine’s conversatio...
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