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photography birthday space wow science Hubble 22 starporn

Happy  22nd Birthday to the Hubble!!

On April 24th, the Hubble Space Telescope marks its 22nd year in orbit. That means its mission has lasted longer than many of your lives, and it’s still churning out amazing work (no pressure though). Sources say that the Hubble promises that it’s not get all crazy like it did last year on its birthday.

To celebrate, the Hubble folks have released this beautiful image of 30 Dor, a star factory in the Large Magellenic Cloud full of high-energy glowing gas. A fine piece of #starporn to decorate your dashboard with.

But why stop there? We can do better than this picture.

How about a super-huge 4,000 x 3,200 pixel version? Is that big enough for ya?

No? Then how about an amazing zoomable version so you can dig deep down into the onion-like layers, a virtual rabbit hole of awesomeness?

Still not enough? If you really must go bigger, I have to warn you … this is a pretty hefty link, and it probably won’t open in your browser. Better to right-click and save. Here is an image that laughs in the face of any adjective I try to place before it. Behold a 267-Mb 20,323 x 16,259 pixel smorgasbord of starry goodness, over 300 million pixels of HOLY CRAP.

BONUS: How these amazing images are created and edited by master star pornagraphers.

(? Bad Astronomy)

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photography birthday space wow science Hubble 22 starporn
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