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So many times in life, I didn’t get something I wanted, something I thought was perfect for me. I see now that those things I thought I needed, were exactly what I didn’t need. Even if you can’t understand it now, be humble about letting those disappointments go and accept that it may be for the best.

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1k Demi Lovato gifs i already made this gif in b&w but this is better quality and in color i like it more
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1k gaming Final Fantasy But oh well lightning FFXIII Odin ffgraphics summons y:gifs y:graphics y:summons y:ffxiii y:lightning y:odin y:xiii summons i just sorta felt like doing this i also plan to do bahamut eventually i'd like to gif them all but bahamut might be next i wanted to see how my coloring looked on all this pink and i think it turned out pretty good tbh i should spread out when i post stuff more
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