• photoset 1k mine gif* Sense8 sense8edit lito rodriguez netflixsense8 sense8meme litorodriguezedit sidenote: im trying out a new coloring aaayyy sidenote: also i know this has been gifed so many times but you can never not gif this scene nickjerrys •

sense8 meme •  five scenes [1/5]:

Lito experiences Sun’s period, “Art is Like a Religion”  —  “I’m a fucking mess. I’m a fucking mess Hernando”

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1k supernatural dean winchester spn mine: spn mine: gif 8x13 Everybody Hates Hitler spn: gif i've lost track of how many times i have gifed this scene but you know what i don't care and i don't care that i don't care
photoset 10k taylor schilling THIS FUCKING SCENE Orange is the new Black Piper Chapman idk how many times this has been giffed but idc because you don't get me! ever! i wanna gif every single scene from this show ugh
photoset gif anime But whatever naruto uchiha itachi uchiha sasuke narutok naruto2 naruto: shippuuden yeah i know this has been done a zillion times precious scene
doctor who mine David Tennant Billie Piper okay yes i know this scene has been gif'd so many times but i haven't done the whole scene myself yet and this counts as my christmas gifset for the day yay
1k ilhoon sungjae minhyuk BTOB Hyunsik btobgifs I know this has been gifed like 5000 times already but idc
doctor who mine otp David Tennant Billie Piper Rose Tyler ten dwedit otp number one otp: no not to you I have gif it so many times but ill never stop this is my fav thing in the whole world I think I watch this scene every day is just ten saying he loves rose if you dont see that then you are blind as you can see this is my title and my sidebar and everything to me
1k * mine once upon a time snow white ouat LAUGHING FOREVER ouatedit snowwhiteedit i'm trying out new things god this is the worst coloring i've ever done it's so ugly i'm cringing like not obsessively oversaturating it's surprisingly difficult and i gave up halfway through hence the b&w second gif just ignore the vomit-like colors and focus on snow being a supreme badass this is especially relevant now after these recent............ developments.......... but i made it yesterday morning so i'm obviously some kind of seer pan ain't got a chance xoxo (also i know that this technically isn't body swap but just go with it)
my edits my gifs doctor who Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor Doomsday and i'm sorry dwedit i know this scene has been giffed 596859 times but i have never done it in a gif set SO CONSIDER THIS MY CONTRIBUTION also the lyrics are from halia's doomsday w/words
louis tomlinson 1k Harry Styles Larry Stylinson mine louis harry larry 500 someone's probably already made this IDK HOW CAN YOU TELL I WISH THERE WAS A TAGGING SYSTEM FOR GIF MAKERS SO THAT YOU WOULD KNOW IF SOMETHING HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE OR NOT LIKE IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW
gif pokemon mine irl hoenn Duskull
my gifs myungsoo infinite l gif: Infinite okay i know so many gifs of this scene are out but I couldn't help myself ;A; HE'S GORGEOUS!
lord of the rings Frodo Baggins Elijah Wood Sean Astin sam gamgee gif 4 ugh this scene THIS FRIENDSHIP i know this has been giffed a thousand times but i just needed this on my blog rn because feelings i just watched it and it made me cry