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LOOK AT THAT SMILE! This little girl is set to be euthanised by heartstick, which is very painful and terrifying, this week unless she gets her funds full which in result will make a rescue step up and rescue her. She only has $17 so far. 5/7 dogs that I have posted have been rescued so far and the other two have been fully funded and are now waiting on a rescue because of you guys reblogging and donating! For more information and pictures and updates check out https://facebook.com/profile.php?id=339511346067908 ! The funds donated will cover her transport and vet bills! Please reblog and donate by clicking the link below! Even $1 will help!

140600 CITRUS Female Pit


These animals are at Clayton County Animal Control at 1396 Government Circle Jonesboro, GA 30236. For help with rescue coordination, please email jmpartnersccac@gmail.com, ccacpartners@gmail.com, ansearcher@gmail.com

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A soldier and his squirrel.
Soldiers in Belarus found a little squirrel and brought it to the Warrant officer. The squirrel was very weak and about to die, so the officer took care of it and fed it like a baby every four hours. Three months ago the guy left the army and now works as a taxi driver and the squirrel is always in...