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Please help my kitten, Dream, to survive his illness! (UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM 11th June)

Hello dear followers! ;____;
Without your help my little cat might die in the next few weeks and your help could safe his life and help him celebrate his first birthday this year!


It was been a while since I had to ask for your help in a private matter.


My beloved cat Dream, (full name: Requiem for a tiny pancake Dream called after Morpheus from The Sandman), eight months old, is very sick.
A week ago he started to pee everywhere; three days ago he stopped peeing altogether. His bladder was blocked with blood and mucus, I was later told.
(the illness is correctly called Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease aka FLUTD, if you want to google it. It’s very serious.)

I went to a vet to have him seen. By that time Dream was already unable to walk anymore, which happened quickly over the course of a few hours and I did my best to get him seen as fast as possible. The vet said that I would have to leave Dream with them for an emergency procedure and so I left him there, so they could unblock the bladder and safe his life.
Sadly, when I came back to pick him up (after 2 days on a drip and catheter) I found out that the nurse managed to CUT his foreleg open - HOW?! - and tried to brush it off as a “minor scratch”: they had to fix him with five stitches. So much for a minor cut.


The nurses FAILED to inform me about what to do, what to expect over the next few days, or how best to treat him now, after I got him home. Instead she repeated over and over how they would be forced to put him down OR re-home him. She basically told me that they would treat him two more times for bladder blockage (despite saying that this is a recurring condition) and after that they would put him down for sure.

I was really angry and scared too. Back home he didn’t do better at all, even if the nurse claimed that he could “pee without trouble” and would be “alert and active”. The poor little kitten could not pee at all, but tried very bravely for about 17 minutes without a break. To no ends. When he finally managed to pee, his urine was full of blood and very clouded and thick. I tried to call the vet again, but they didn’t pick up and I started to worry even more.

In the end I took Dream to another vet, a private one further down the road. They were really friendly, and explained all I needed to know to help him, everything the nurse at the other vet didn’t explain to me at all.

Sadly the new vet will cost money, not millions, but too much for my budget. And Dream needs help RIGHT NOW
I can’t go back to the other cheaper vet, because

-They cut him and gave no good reason, made him worse instead of better
-They didn’t explain or help me find out how to treat him and care for him AT ALL
-They didn’t offer any sympathy or emotional support or care for my cat, instead they threatened to put him down as a first solution, not worst case scenario. It was mentioned so many times that I nearly started to cry. (the second vet said that Dream can be treated with meds and good care.)
-After three times coming to them with the same condition, they will forcefully take him away from me OR (the nurses fave and first option) put him down/put him to sleep.

The new vet will cost me about 150-200 to treat him and rescue his life. 

If any of you could help with a few dollars/euros/pounds -  that would be brilliant and mean the world to me and literally save little Dreams life!


The money will be used to help Dream and Dream only. It will NOT be used for cosplays or my other cat, Merlin. It will be only used to help Dream survive this illness and hopefully stay healthy for the rest of his life. 

please donate to galadraeluk@yahoo.co.uk 
via http://www.paypal.com “send money to a friend”-option, marked as FOR DREAM.

I know it is selfish to ask for help, but the little man is my life and he didn’t even celebrate his first birthday, I can’t let him die that young. And if asking you, my dear followers for help, might safe him, why not try all I can?!

Thank you so so much,
FahrLight aka Fahr Sindram


Dream could be saved with the help of you, my dear follower, friends and complete cat loving strangers! Thank you so much! For more updates on Dream, please follow ribbonplague. 
He had surgery and will be able to live a healthy life!

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