• please hs IM SO ENDEARED britishhusbands •
please hs IM SO ENDEARED

the cutest birthday boy

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please hs IM SO ENDEARED
twitter Tom Felton i am so endeared
1k 5h airport lauren jauregui fifth harmony THIS WAS SO HARD TO MAKE BC THERES SO MANY PICS AND SHE LOOKS SO CUT EIN ALL OF THEM I HAD TO PICK 9 OUT OF ALL I she was using her hand and her hair and fans to cover her pimple :(((((( shes os cute im so endeared
Harry Styles One Direction 1D im crying 1D* hes so cute hs* edits~
Harry Styles One Direction 1D knotes 1D* hs* im so fucking done **[5]
gif homestuck trolls NSFW Karkat sollux karkat vantas sollux captor im really sorry solkat hs fricking i cried a little capcasey got my 800th follower and got some really sweet mail cried twice
When you know people who are still in the “LAWL im SOOO random! Toast! XDDDDD” phase.
trying to find good femslash in yer fandoms
bad one direction fan art: best of disclaimer: i cant draw for shit so i cant judge but these drawings genuinely scare me just let loose n enjoy (also read the captions it provides a better reader experience) let me show you the one that started it all for me and it all goes downhill from here ...
•fuck marry kill•tell me about your crush •tell me about your day•funny/embarrassing stories•stuff about you •advice•questions in general •truth/dare •would you rathers •bad jokes/puns •anything really
this was funnier in my head
louis tomlinson One Direction mine louis mitam im endeared to my bones by every lil thing the does :'))