• please hs IM SO ENDEARED britishhusbands •
please hs IM SO ENDEARED

the cutest birthday boy

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please hs IM SO ENDEARED
@ all the spambots who r following me: thank you, u might be empty and artificial but so is the flimsy validation i gain from seeing my follower count rise
homestuck My art what homestuck art hs lil hal undertale mettaton undertale art ut mettaton hs lil hal hs hal hs ar mettahal mettatonhal what [2] im gonna call this ship homobots homobots the new favourite tag
cute mine vintage flowers nature i love this ok pressed flowers aesthetic heyartkid faebee sprouhty the quality of this is so satisfying please appreciate em i absolutely hate to do this but im cringing already eugh im done i hate tagging things like these
for the love of god please watch this
callout post for Jason
I find comfort in knowing that people who I’ve cut out of my life are left with this version of me that simply doesn’t exist anymore. The memory and image of me that they have isnt who I am, and I’m happy that it’s that way. I’ve changed and grown and they wont ever get the chance to know the better...
i have been looking for this important Return of the Jedi bl...
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson One Direction lt hs
things to live for:
the stars at nightart that can be created from temporary painthe feeling of exfoliating my skinmaking my friends laughnetflix and smoking alonefinding good musicwatching thunderstorms the feeling of cracking open a new pack of cigaretteslaughing till you crycrying till you laugh
haikyuu morangos mofados Haikyuu!! Kuroo Tetsurou hq!!edit /haikyuu please dont look too closely otherwise you'll see all the flaws so..... lets refrain his hair looks so nice and fluffy here im a goner
aaaaaaa amazingphil phil lester phan phanart ily lots phan art undertale HAPPY BIRTHDAY U SMOL BEAN IM SO PROUD OF HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME IN THE LAST YEAR!! I CANT BELIEVE HES 29