• please hs IM SO ENDEARED britishhusbands •
please hs IM SO ENDEARED

the cutest birthday boy

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ugh dave grohl foo fighters taylor hawkins Chris Shiflett Nate Mendel Best Of You Pat Smear pleasepleaseplease im just bored in your honor i just realized this might be the music video i've giffed the most lol and i just miss them so much can Dave Grohl please adopt me?
Harry Styles babe so cute omg *hs h1k hedit hphotoset
i thought that i owe tjis to muy followers who i ineract wit...
There’s an article in the Sunday Times that talks about 1D and how they’re role models for homosexuals.  “Cuddling schoolboys kiss homophobia goodbye”
  • artist:makes a unique female character
  • people:wow she's way too out there to be a good character. she's such a mary sue.
  • artist:makes an average female character
  • people:she's way too boring! what a mary sue!
  • artist:makes a strong/independent female character
  • people:how overdone. such a mary sue.
  • artist:makes a weak female character
  • people:that's incredibly degrading to women! MARY SUE!
  • ...
it’s all fun and games until it’s season finale
gif love mine life sad please SO RELEVANT
Harry Styles Niall Horan mine narry hs nh these are from two diff vids and they changed the coloring on them omfg so i had to fix it lol that's why they look weird sigh
1k Harry Styles omg mygif 5k sorry 10k 15k 20k white eskimo hs HSG oh God its so fast
gif art homestuck Dave Strider Fanart speed paint sorry for any mistakes idk what im doing oh dear
gif * doctor who amy pond karen gillan spoilers perf omfg im so excited you guys