• please hs IM SO ENDEARED britishhusbands •
please hs IM SO ENDEARED

the cutest birthday boy

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Harry Styles One Direction 1D knotes 1D* hs* im so fucking done **[5]
bad one direction fan art: best of disclaimer: i cant draw for shit so i cant judge but these drawings genuinely scare me just let loose n enjoy (also read the captions it provides a better reader experience) let me show you the one that started it all for me and it all goes downhill from here ...
baby tweets Dylan O'Brien I love you so much his hair PLEASE IM CRYIN HARVEY GUILLEN
Harry Styles im not okay hs
Larry Stylinson candid hs. lt. im soooo bored
update blingee PLEASE TELL ME IM FIRST just tagging as blingee so i can find it ok
Because giving you my hand’s middle finger is sooo mainstream
my stuff parks and recreation :') aubrey plaza april ludgate ben wyatt adam scott her faaaaaaaace she's so endeared by him but she'll never ever admit that :))) when she hits him in the last one: byE otp: don't judge me
hs shhhhhhh on my sisters phone dont tell her im here also im not rlly here im a ghost ghostblogging
gifs i love you exo Kai exo k bb so much please rest a lot :(((( im not good with words so just accept my feelings kk
ugh dave grohl foo fighters taylor hawkins Chris Shiflett Nate Mendel Best Of You Pat Smear pleasepleaseplease im just bored in your honor i just realized this might be the music video i've giffed the most lol and i just miss them so much can Dave Grohl please adopt me?
  • thug life:i didnt choose any of you.