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poetry poem margaret atwood

Margaret Atwood, from Power Politics, 1971

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poetry poem margaret atwood
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Strange how we decorate pain.
It’s getting bad, you weren’tthere again Wire silences, you trying to think of something you haven’tsaid, at least to me M...
It’s still you. It’s still you.
Why should I tell you anything true? Why should I tell you anything?
you speak as one who fed on poetry poetry: margaret atwood
Last year I abstainedthis year I devourwithout guiltwhich is also an art—Margaret Atwood, in Circe/Mud Poems
This world is not enough, but it will have to do. You can either hold on or let go.
you dangle on the leash of your own longing; your need grows teeth.
I used to say I’d know you anywhere, but it’s getting harder.