• pokemon i am so bad at making gifs holy shit nyaa •
pokemon i am so bad at making gifs holy shit

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louis tomlinson One Direction liam payne gifs the only bad thing about lilo is the tag i am emotional hands hands hands I PROMISE I AM DONE MAKING STUPID POINTLESS GIFS NOW
pipe donut
Prometheus i am cRYING HOLY SHIT
* Josh Hutcherson because of reasons little manhattan sned hlep i literally cannot watch this movie including this precious little thing acting like a grown up and saying so many accurate stuff about relationships ugh i am going to puke the weird noises i keep making omg i'm not okay you are made of rainbows and sunshine and cotton candy and unicorns and angels and glitter is it possible not to love this movie because holy shit no flaws person: jaw
homestuck oh well uu Dirk Strider 8^) update art undyingumbrage whatevs LMFAO is the first gif considered nsfw...................... idk if this is ooc either what a good upd8 guess what i ship now I AM RLY BAD AT MAKING GIFS
1k One Direction Zayn Malik LOL edito why am i posting this So bad shit fuck edit
my gifs avatar the last airbender Korra legend of korra lok mako I'm an awful person aren't I holy shit what am I on anyone who gets this ref gets a cookie
holy shit guys look at what I just noticed
Dave’s eye has a red swirl in it and ends at his pupil Doesn’t it look kind of familiar?
gifs Dave Strider John Egbert epilepsy warning ???? flag arts im gomen wow holy shit i cant beleive i finished this update art junk im so sorry i could have done something bad ass hey fizz i hope youre feeling better
my gifs sunggyu infinite Hoya please don't kill me ;;; but who decided to zoom on gyu there...... /shot holy looking at that first gif hoya and woohyun are in perfect sync down to each frame i don't mean this in a bad way i swear but gyu what is your expression ._.;;
seriously i know it's usually bad but holy fuck look at it now