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Everyone after a week of pokemon go 

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Everyone after a week of pokemon go 
  • Mom, sitting by my hospital bed:You idiot! What on earth possessed you to break in to an apiary like that!?
  • Me, covered in bee stings:I... I had to catch beedrill mom
  • Mom, whipping out her phone:holy shit, wanna trade for my butterfree?
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  • *climbs on stage during a concert*
  • Bodyguards:HEY YOU CAN'T BE UP THERE!
  • Entire stadium:*grabs smartphone* HOLY SHIT.
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Things I am going to do when Pokemon Go comes out:
-come up with a goofy catchphrase to say before I start a battle and when I win/lose -ask strangers for their numbers after we battle so I can call them constantly to tell them how strong my top percentage rattata is -brush up on my Pokeflute playing skills in case of a Snorlax blocking my path -...
  • Me:*goes to heaven*
  • God:Why are you here? You aren't suppose to die yet.
  • Me:But there is a wild Arceus here
  • God:Oh My God
  • News reporter:we are here live, with the suspect, who three days ago broke in to a high security ancient Egyptian tomb, yet did not take a single thing
  • News reporter:why, why did you do it?
  • Me, clutching my phone:I just really needed that cofagrigus man
  • News reporter:holy shit
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