• pokemon mine gifset DP ag may pokeani pokegraphic pokedit mayedit ag is a DOUCHE to color like oh my god xy has such nice animation.... i wish ag could be remastered or something ugh anyways please celebrate our princess this month i have some edit ideas AHHH i'm gonna try to be more active this month princessofhoenn •

❀ Happy month of May! ❀

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mine MY EDIT manip hell yea frostiron sORRY IT LOOKS LIKE POOP i'm literally out of ideas but i haven't done anything with photoshop in like a month so i wanted to try something :( and does this meAN i didn't completely fail frostiron month i mean yeAH i did something even something poopy counts as something
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:) 1k © tutorial coloring tutorial this literally took me hours please let me know what you think or if there is any mistakes i'm happy to help if you need more!
gifs i love you Alex Turner oh my god you are my everything i m jsut gonna watch this video until i die bye tags edit: i still cant stop watching the video it must be like the 28th time or something i cant get over how lovely this is hoe the camera kept recording you in the end and you just started laughing i wish i could see the rest the pause you did after 'wishing you...' then that smile ohbmy god do you have any idea of how wonderful you are?? i love you i love you so fucking much i LOVE YOU ahjhkg ah
pokemon gif ag may blaziken trainer may pokeani MayGIF pokegraphic
pokemon gif ag may pokeani MayGIF pokegraphic
like bw Lee Pace ahahahha ok i'll stop now descountdown this is like a small best of 'i hate your face' also we're fast approaching the 100th edition of the countdown I'm gonna try to think of something special to celebrate it with lina takes a vacation or I could just post my face instead of his it would be the ultimate trolling act jk I'll think of something maybe I'll do terrible romance novel style manips with topless thranduil oh the possibilities
* but still les miserables enjolras x grantaire gifs: les mis gnomon luchia13 enjoliras OH MY GOD I FINISHED IT I DID IT I SAID I WOULD AND I DID THIS TOOK ME F O R E V E R IM EVER DOING ANYTHING LIKE THIS AGAIN to be fair it wouldnt have taken so long if i hadnt taken month-long breaks after every like 30 frames please for the sake of this gifset pretend that james mcavoy and gblags are the same person and that sometimes R has a beard and then suddenly he doesnt oh well gblags i love you but you really need to get material that isnt shot in FUCKING CANDLELIGHT SPECIAL THANKS TO SARAH FOR GETTING ME THROUGH THIS (((the fic is a lot better than this gifset makes it out to be i tried my best but how could i possibly come close u get me))) i wanted to get the wiki article in there too but ehhhh it didnt work that caption doesnt have anything to do with the gifset rlly its just my favourite little moment euheuehueue [rolls back into dumpster] THANK U LUCHIA i am devastated theres no hand holding in this............... 'still' by daughter ft. me crying in frustration was the soundtrack to this are those enough tags i think so
My art pjo Rachel Elizabeth Dare *cries* HoO shorelle draws pjo fanzine oh man rachel is underrated and really fun to draw! i go a bit overboard when drawing red hair though xD;; just focussing a bit more on her artistic side here which i'm sure many of us can relate... or at least it's something i wish i could be more like haha so excite about this zine and reading HoO :DDD check out the amazing artists on it and the zine tumblr if you haven't already!!