• pokemon My art xoxoxoxoxo mimikkyu HI LONG TIME NO SEE i have some asks backed up REST ASSURED I WILL GET 2 THEM BUT I HAVE TO EXPRESS MY LOVE 4 THIS BOOGER mcpippins •
have to look good for the fans!!
he's a little weird but he's family now

hmmm somethings not quite right with our new pal but i can’t put my finger on what …

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castle Mine: Castle my graphics [5] tv: castle6 ship: castle x beckett [4] lol this took entirely too long but i wanted to do something big before always aired i tried to get some parallels in there [not just the b/w gifs] but the coloured ones next to each other so HAVE FUN FINDING THEM W/E spiraling blog '12 LOL TOMORROW
STRANGE SENTENCE STARTERS —— for the creative writer in you. Send these in and see what your partner comes up with as a scenario! *These are completely interchangeable, they’re just in categories to make it easier for all of y’all. FOR AMIGOS; “How many times are you going to do that, exactly?” “Yo...
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fan art shingeki no kyojin attack on titan Armin Arlert Jean Kirstein hi-res please.... my boys.........i just want them to have happy days i have a headcanon that no matter the age/height they get jean still musses up armins hair heuheuhfushdfsg
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pokemon my gifs my posts video games gifset pokemon gifs pokemon stadium get to know me video games gif this takes me back pokegraphic video games gifs i spent so much time on pokemon stadium 1 and 2 i love those games dearly actually i still have them and i'm always ready to battle especially when it comes to the minigames
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my little pony mlp rainbow dash fluttershy rarity so... the more you know u know what After five tags tumblr doesnt show the rest of your tags on your posts so IM JUST GONNA LEAVE IT LIKE THIS NO TAGS FOR YOU APPLE JACK And non for twilight and pinkie And by showing I mean that ur posts dont appear under the tags u tagged them as only under the first five MAN am I happy that this set is finally done even tho I still want to make two more posters AT LEAST I will have a complete set to sell now
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my gif harry potter hp hogwarts express OMG YES you have no idea how much I wanted to do this i have this weird fascination with trains mainly the old ones love me some hogwarts express basically