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Case Study: Clefable

Curiously, the arrival of Clefable on Earth has resulted in a number of rapid and significant mutations in their DNA. The timid and flighty nature of most Clefable, coupled with their often remote locations, has made the study of these Pokemon difficult. However, enough observation has taken place to be able to identify most of the divergent subspecies.

Mercury: Swift and agile, Mercurial Clefable are suited for acrobatic flight,  possessing a more slender body and lighter structurethan the standard Lunar Clefable. They are found in alpine ridges, and rarelyin tall, old growth forest.

Venus: Venusian Clefable are quite bold in comparison to their counterparts, sometimes actively searching out human contact and companions. There were attempts to domesticate this subspecies for Pokecenter duty shortly after their discovery due to their perceived closeness to the Chansey line. However, these experiments were abandoned after the Clefable showed an incredible inclination towards jealous and possessive behavior. Many became quite territorial over their individual trainers- attacking human and Pokemon alike when they were approached. Mainly found along the ocean shore, hidden among cliffs and other rocky outcroppings.

Mars: A great contrast to the timid disposition of all other subspecies, Martian Clefable are savage, brutish creatures. In lieu of wings, they possess a second pair of arms, as well as large, rending teeth. Their fur is more red in hue, akin to rust. They live primarily near volcanoes, or deep underground, limiting their exposure to humans.

Jupiter: Extremely rare, the number of documented images of Jovian Clefable can be counted on one hand. They appear to have a bright, golden luster to their coat, and possess an additional pair of arms and wings in addition to a third eye. Alleged witnesses claim they have an unsettling, eerie air about them, and recall the feeling of being watched very intently. They have only been seen on “holy” ground, or sites of spiritual importance.

Saturn: Although similar in appearance to Lunar Clefable, Saturnine Clefable notably have the ability to regenerate the flesh of themselves and others, and accelerate growth of natural flora- indeed, flowers of an undeterminable species can be seen growing directly from their skin. They can be found in any kind of deep forest, from tropical rainforests to coniferous taiga.

Neptune: Found in lightless aquatic caves, Neptunian Clefable are adapted for a life underwater. Gill ridges can be seen prominently on the neck, and their limbs have become flat and webbed for propulsion. The tail has become uncurled as well, aiding in swimming. Only traces of their fur coat remain, the hair thin and their skin smooth and slick to the touch.

Uranus: The only documentation of Uranian Clefable exist in written and verbal format, so the exact parameters of their appearance are not known. Eyewitnesses accounts report a nebulous, shifting form with colors that reflect the time of day: light blue or grey at daylight, followed by a deep navy or black after sunset. Small bioluminescent spots appear as “stars” when they shift into their nighttime coat. Their habitat is unknown.

Pluto: Strange, pale creatures, not much is known about Plutonian Clefable. Found only in the deepest caves, many of them spend their entire lives without being exposed to any kind of light.


haaaaa i love clefable. jupiter is my favorite 

EDIT: added venus and uranus b/c i couldn’t think of variations for them originally

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