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HOUSTON — A reserve deputy constable with Harris County Precinct 6 has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Kenneth Caplan was taken into custody Wedne...
Michael Slager, the officer involved in Walter Scott’s death, has been charged with murder.
On Monday, Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson announced North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager has been officially indicted for the death of Walter Scott earlier this year. A Charleston County grand jury delivered their decision on the charge of murder for Slager’s actions in earl...
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10 absolutely real statistics about police brutality:There have been two officer-involved shooting deaths per day in 2015.That same report found blacks to be killed at 3 times the rate of whites or other minorities.It also found that almost a quarter of those killed were identified as mentally ill b...
White privilege is assaulting an officer after three hit and runs and not being shot.
19-year-old Sarah Culhane was apprehended without violence after a hit and run, a chase, two more hit and runs, fleeing on foot, and kicking a police officer in the head because she looks like this: Someone please ask Darren Wilson’s supporters how this is any different from stealing from a ...
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Police Officer Fires Gun at Minivan Full of Kids