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Vote Bernie Sanders why you should consider him for president

  • pushing for more taxes on the rich
  • favors equal pay for women
  • wants higher minimum wage
  • pro-choice
    • advocates for protecting the reproductive rights of women
    • has voted multiple times against anti-abortion policies
    • co-sponsored bill to ensure access to and funding for contraception
  • pro-gay rights
    • voted against constitutionally defining marriage as one-man-one-woman 
    • voted against banning same-sex marriage
  • wants to improve criminal justice system
    • voted yes on funding alternative sentencing instead of more prisons
    • reduce recidivism by giving offenders a second chance
    • voted yes on replacing death penalty with life imprisonment 
  • voted to legalize medical marijuana 
  • wants better education system
    • voted yes on $84 million in grants for Black and Hispanic colleges
    • sponsored extending subsidized federal student loan rates until 2015
  • promotes conservation of the environment - prioritize green energy
  • loosening immigration 
    • make it easier to become citizens 
    • voted no on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment
    • voted no on more immigrant visas for skilled workers
  •  wants to expand Obamacare

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