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When it comes to getting the middle class back to work, Mitt Romney says ‘No.’ When it comes to respecting women’s rights, Mitt Romney says ‘No.’ When it comes to letting people love who they love and marry who they want to marry, Mitt Romney says ‘no.’ When it comes to expanding access to good healthcare, Mitt — (pauses to let crowd finish his thought) — actually, Mitt Romney said yes, and now he says ‘No!’

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When it comes to getting the middle class back to work, Mitt Romney says ‘No.’ When it comes to respecting women’s rights...
There are 47 percent of people who will vote for the President, no matter what. All right? There are 47 percent who are with him; who are ...
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Mitt Romney right now:
  • Republicans:Lol. Gay people are abominations to God. They'll ruin marriage.
  • Republicans:Women don't need birth control or abortions, Rape is a miracle you sluts.
  • Republicans:Black people just want Obama because he'll give them more food stamps
  • Republicans:illegal Immigrants? Why don't we just discriminate against them so badly they'll deport themselves
  • Republicans:Poor people..? LOLLLLLLLLLL
  • Republicans:Muslims, atheist and all non-christians should get their sick beliefs away from our children.
  • Republicans on November 6th, 2012:Wait. How come nobody voted for us?
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That Awkward Moment When...
Mitt Romney’s Slogan, “Keep America American” was the same slogan used by the KKK in 1922…
A list of things that don’t make sense: LGBT Americans who support Romney. LGBT allies who support Romney. Women who support Romney. Feminists who support Romney. People of color who support Romney. Supporters of racial equality who support Romney. Middle-class Americans who support Romney. Un...
Why doesn’t a little buzzer go off at the debates any time someone tells a lie? Because then you wouldn’t be able to hear Romney