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Bernie Sanders once again called out Trump — but this time Trump was forced to respond and make a clarification. 

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2012: Oh My God, there has never been , or will there ever be a candidate as bad as Mitt RomneyTrump: 
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  • You:Hey can I sit next to you?
  • Bernie:*scoots over and shares his Pokemon cards*
  • Hillary:Yeah I guess *scoots over a little bit*
  • Republicans:*Too busy arguing over who gets to sit by the window*
  • Trump:*Runs to the long seat at the back of the bus* THIS IS ALL MINE!!!
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this fuckin election is so wildwe’ve got Hillary Clinton, who’s like the classic democratic candidate but her only advantage over republicans is that she has sound morals and that’s about itwe’ve got Bernie Sanders, an old white straight guy that fights for the young, poc, gay, and female, who’s an ...
This is truly a historic year. We’re either going to elect a woman, a Jew, the Zodiac Killer, or the start of the Fourth Reich.
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