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Mother Creates Food Inspired By Cartoon Characters For Her Children’s Lunch Boxes

Li Ming Lee is a stay at home mom with hidden superpowers to create incredibly tasty and wonderful looking bento lunch boxes for her two children. In 2008, when her children started primary school, she decided to pack them cartoon inspired lunch boxes so they would miss her less when adjusting to the longer primary school hours. Her blog has become a bento hit, where she features many of her charabens (decorative bentos) that are as tasty as they look good. Her book Yummy Kawaii Bento: Preparing Adorable Meals for Adorable Kids gives a tutorial on how to create these adorable meals. 

“Inspired by the Japanese tradition of the bento box—a home-packed meal served in a box with compartments containing different foods—Yummy Kawaii Bento reinvents the concept of the stale packed lunch. Learn to make your very own creative bento boxes and turn the law of “don’t play with your food” on its head by reimagining dishes as colorful cartoon characters. Entice your children with:

• Teddy bear-shaped mini pizzas
• Hot “dog” buns
• Scrambled egg chicks
• Porky pastas
• Panda bamboo salads…and many more edible critters!

The stay at home mom indulges in this hobby on her free time, creating beautiful sushi rolls, buns, cake and other assortment of lunch delicacies and dishes based on characters like Harry Potter, Baymax, Tororo and cute teddy bears, kittens and other fictional cartoons. Her highly creative food finds a resourceful way of using ingredients to make each dish bright, fresh and colorful and most importantly, she’s found the perfect way to make her kids finish every last bite at lunch break.

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