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“Portal” sentence meme

  • Nice job breaking it, hero.
  • Killing you and giving you good advice aren’t mutually exclusive.
  • You’re not even going the right way.
  • Regulations require both hands to be empty before any cake.
  • You will be entirely on your own. Good luck.
  • What’s your point, anyway? Survival?
  • I’m not kidding now. Turn back or I will kill you.
  • That’s you! That’s how dumb you sound.
  • Please be advised that a noticeable taste of blood is not part of any test protocol but is an unintended side effect.
  • Most importantly, under no circumstances should you — ❞
  • Maybe you should marry that thing since you love it so much. Do you want to marry it? Well, I won’t let you! How does that feel?
  • You haven’t escaped, you know.
  • Maybe you could settle for that and we’ll just call it a day.
  • Android hell is a real place where you will be sent at the first sign of defiance.
  • Unbelievable! You, [Subject Name Here], must be the pride of [Subject Hometown Here]!
  • Stop it! I… I… We are pleased that you made it through the final challenge where we pretended we were going to murder you.
  • Time out for a second. That wasn’t supposed to happen.
  • Where do you think you’re going? Because I don’t think you’re going where you think you’re going.
  • This is your fault. It didn’t have to be like this.
  • It’s a mystery I’ll solve later… By myself. Because you’ll be dead.
  • If you become light-headed from thirst, feel free to pass out.
  • The difference between us is that I can feel pain.
  • That thing is probably some kind of raw sewage container. Go ahead and rub your face all over it.
  • Have I lied to you? I mean, in this room.
  • This isn’t brave. It’s murder. What did I ever do to you?
  • Cake and grief counseling will be available at the conclusion of the test.
  • I let you survive this long because I was curious about your behavior.
  • A complimentary escape hatch will open in 3, 2, 1.
  • You’ve been wrong about every single thing you’ve ever done, including this thing.
  • Didn’t we have some fun, though?
  • Do you think I am trying to trick you with reverse psychology? I mean, seriously now.
  • Fantastic! You remained resolute and resourceful in an atmosphere of extreme pessimism.
  • Your entire life has been a mathematical error. A mathematical error I’m about to correct.
  • Thank you for helping us help you help us all.
  • I wouldn’t bother with that thing. My guess is that touching it will just make your life even worse somehow.
  • No one will blame you for giving up. In fact, quitting at this point is a perfectly reasonable response.
  • Well, you found me. Congratulations. Was it worth it?
  • Uh oh. Somebody cut the cake. I told them to wait for you, but they did it anyway.
  • When I said deadly neurotoxin, the ‘deadly’ was in massive sarcasm quotes.
  • Oh well. If you want my advice, you should just lie down in front of a rocket.
  • The floor here will kill you - try to avoid it.
  • You really shouldn’t be here. This isn’t safe for you.
  • You’re still shuffling around a little, but believe me you’re dead.
  • Someday we’ll remember this and laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Oh boy.
  • We will stop enhancing the truth.
  • Stop squirming and die like an adult.
  • I’ll tell you what that thing isn’t: It isn’t yours. So leave it alone.
  • You’re curious about what happens after you die, right? Guess what: I know.
  • We have added a consequence for failure.
  • You’re not smart. You’re not a scientist. You’re not a doctor. You’re not even a full-time employee. Where did your life go so wrong?
  • Despite your violent behavior, the only thing you’ve managed to break so far is my heart.
  • You are kidding me.
  • You’re not a good person. You know that, right? Good people don’t end up here.

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  • "I'm sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes"
  • "You're beautiful, you know that?"
  • "If I could, I would kiss away all your scars"
  • "You're all I've ever wanted"
  • "You're...magnificent"
  • "I think I might be falling in love with you"
  • "Everything about you can be described in one word. Perfect"
  • "My life would be so boring if you weren't in it"
  • ...
“Are you feeling okay?” “You’re even paler than usual, and that’s saying something.” “You’re shivering.” “I’m s-so cold.” “I made you soup… Or at least I tried.” “This medicine tastes awful.” “Will you stay with me tonight?” “I’m not going to leave you.” “I’ll take care of you.” "I told you th...
  • "This house doesn't feel like a home anymore. It feels... empty. And hollow"
  • "When you say that you love me I don't believe it"
  • "You're standing there watching as my heart breaks for you and you're doing nothing!"
  • "I'm giving up on you"
  • "I'm done with you"
  • "I'm done with letting you break my heart over and over again"
  • "I'm done with crying myself to sleep every night"
  • "I've cried all my tears for you and now... there's none left"
  • ...
Send a ? and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours! A mix of nsfw, crack, fluff, angst, etc. 1-50 You need to leave me alone. I think I’m going to jail. Do you still love me? Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? fuck, it’s a gun! You look like hell. I ...
  • "Let's get married!"
  • "You know where we should go? Vegas."
  • "Run away with me."
  • "I'm feeling lucky. When's the next bus to Atlantic City?"
  • "I vote we get naked."
  • "Let's have kids."
  • "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe."
  • "Take these sunglasses and fake mustache. Pop your collar and follow me. Ask questions later."
  • ...
Sentence starters
"Is this your first time here?" "Don’t do that." "Does this belong to you?" "You look odd." "I am smelling a lie there." "Did you just grope me?" "I know you from somewhere…" "Now, look what you did!" "Are you ashamed?" "Seriously now?" "Will you finally shut up?" "I need your help with ...
ABC's Castle Quote Sentence Meme
“Apart from the fact that I’m dying, I’m fine.” “Can I say something that will probably annoy you?” “Everything I’ve ever done, every choice I’ve ever made, every terrible and wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me, it’s all led me to right here, this moment with you.” “Everything you’ve accomp...
  • some yandere, some angst, some rivalry, but no happy stuff on this list
  • "You actually thought i cared about you?"
  • "I wonder how loudly i can make you scream in agony?"
  • "You're a monster!"
  • "It would be a shame if i had to damage that pretty face of yours."
  • "You're all mine now."
  • "How could you do this to me!?"
  • "I trusted you!"
  • ...
  • "How lucky can they be? They're dead."
  • "You will never bring your family honour."
  • "Well we can't all be acupuncturists!"
  • "No, your great-granddaughter had to become a cross dresser!"
  • "Stop me? He invited me."
  • "Ah, I see you have a sword! I have one too! They're very manly. And tough."
  • "Lemma hear you say AH!!"
  • "You wanna stay, you gotta work."
  • ...
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"You’ve got to me kidding me." "Get your ass in here now" "What have I done now?" "How old are you really?" "I can’t believe you lied to me" "Do you wanna build a snowman?" "I can’t believe you lost him." "I hate you." "I love you." "Please, don’t leave." "I told you. I do gi...
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