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Put a kpop group in my ask box and I will tell you which member(s) I would:
Kiss: Hug: Marry: Live with: Be the little sister/brother to: Bring on a picnic: Take a romantic walk with: Keep as a friend: Hit a lot:  Give a massage whenever he/she wants to: Do anything for: come on, send in groups! \(^o^)/
One Direction love doctor who steven moffat bbc stop please moffat or something 50th anniversary don't hate like it BUT FUCK oh hon stupid comment because i don't like them save the day the day of the doctor i'm sorry but dude... i'm not in the one direction fandom and i won't ever be i respect them do you wanna like something ? don't say bad things about other thing that people like and why the hell can't the two fandoms have the same day? they're totally different fandoms unless i don't know the doctor starts a boy band and i'm trying very hard to ignore the bad things this person said i just don't like hate
1k Teen Wolf Holland Roden gifs(3) tw edit twedit hrodenedit i haven't giffed in like 20 years so here but it just put me in a shitty mood because holland makes me sad i know i can't help it but at this point any celebrity just makes me sad because it just make me realise how much i'm wasting my life and how much i hate my life and sigh
lady gaga photoset 1k One Direction Zayn Malik 1D gaga lg appearances 1k notes vmas not my image zm i'm dying still not over this VMAs 2013 zaga is fucking perf
1k me taylor swift taylor AMAs
1k mine7 Orphan Black tatiana maslany clone club obedits poor alison my baby she had like 50 scenes where she's talking bad about herself and i'm so sad but BETH SHE KILLED HERSELF BC THERE WAS NO ONE TO TELL HER SHE'S GOOD ENOUGH AND STRONG ENOUGH too many feels for one person take them away from me
my edits 1000 THIS TOOK FOREVER one piece luffy Monkey D. Luffy maybe later mugiwara opgraphics I coloured them full body btw haha I'll post em one by one smoeday I didnt colour gear 2nd because im lazy dont bug me about it sorry I was inactive I was busy and I wanted to finish this first champion and nightmare were fun to colour hehe now I can make the birthday stuff!!! wohooo! not now tho I wanna gif old episodes too~ oh how I miss making edits~ Ima go read the new chapter n sleep toodles tumblr~
my gif My art because i'm bored so why not And people liked the last ones I did Maw Maw Mask
me, going about my day:
*getting dressed* what would harry wear*doing yoga* i wonder what harry’s favorite pose is*making dinner* harry loves to cook*taking a shower* i wonder what body wash harry uses*brushing my teeth* harry brushes his teeth*going to sleep* does harry prefer a soft or hard mattress*does nothing* harry
photoset selena gomez mystuff 1k* giffed quote* babybaybabybaybybaby she is literally the cutest ever bby ilysm fans*
mine The Outsiders dallas winston matt dillon i don't know why i made this the outsiders 1983 God I'm bored
otp Zarry better get your hair sorted out ok but. I love this so much it's so casual and intimate like. hey let me hold your hand because you're cute and you look a bit nervous I also really wanna make you smile so u better get your hair sorted out you know they did it often I think that's what I like most about them how they're always there for each other and how you can tell they've been doing this since day one if it's tattooing each other in their hotel room when things get a bit hectic and well. they have a tattoo gun or if it's checking up on each other every so often ah man rip i'm gone I love them