• Look, I wouldn’t be that disappointed if CeCe was A if she wasn’t fucking Charles. It literally make... pretty little liars pll who is a a theories a theory pll theory pll theories pretty little liars theories pretty little liars theory pll hints pretty little liars hints pll clues pretty little liars clues pll a pretty little liars a pll questions rosewoodliaries •

Look, I wouldn’t be that disappointed if CeCe was A if she wasn’t fucking Charles. It literally makes 0 sense. Mrs. D found a doctor who was stupid enough to perform a sex change on a little boy? He had to be like 12 years old. How does that make any sense? And if that wasn’t bad enough, you have to make Sara fucking Harvey not only red coat, but Black Widow too? What does Sara even have against the girls? How was CeCe able to convince a girl who was basically Alison’s twin attitude wise to be Black Widow/Red Coat and do her bidding? I thought we were supposed to have seen Black Widow before? We never saw Sara Harvey before until this past season! If you’re seriously telling me that seeing her damn fake stock photo on her obituary site was us “seeing” her then Jesus Christ Marlene. 

  • Who killed Mrs. D?
  • Did Radley actually help Mrs. D fake Charles death so Mr. D wouldn’t find out? Or did Mrs. D fake his death, go get him a sex change and turn him into Charolette/CeCe then re-admit him as a different person and Radley was just like “oh your son died and now you have ANOTHER child who’s sick with the SAME thing he had”? 
  • Who the fuck even is Sara Harvey and how did she get involved?
  • Who is Bethany? We obviously haven’t seen her face for a reason!
  • What happened to the moms? What was the actual point of that storyline? 
  • If Wren and Melissa aren’t involved then how did that blood get into Spencer’s bag? And why the hell are they both so suspicious? 
  • Who is Beach Hottie?! Who almost got Alison pregnant?
  • Who the hell is after the girls 5 years later? 
  • Was Alison calling Lucas hermie supposed to be a hint that Charles/A was going to end up being a trans?
  • I thought Black Widow was end game? What the hell does Sara have against the girls so much that 5 years later she’s going to re-start the game? Or was that a lie as well?
  • What about the little boy’s prediction that “a dark haired couple” was after Alison? CeCe and Sara are blonde. 
  • How is it awkward that people were shipping Red Coat and Charles? It’s Sara and CeCe? And? That’s really not something I’d consider awkward.
  • How does Grunswald’s “One of you has been touched by the person Alison fears most” come into play? CeCe never really had anything to do with them.
  • If Mrs. D loved CeCe so much why was she telling Alison how much she “didn’t like that girl” and how CeCe was such a bad influence on Alison and wanted to keep them apart? Yet in the flashbacks she was more concerned with the idea of Kenneth finding out CeCe’s real identity than keeping CeCe away from her ‘children’. 
  • How are STOCKS a “disturbing” way of cash flow for A? 
  • Why was Mrs. D so scared of Kenneth anyways? She was always having affairs behind his back. She was more scared of Kenneth finding out about CeCe/Charles then him finding out about her affairs? 
  • Jason said he saw CeCe talking to Melissa and in a yellow top that night. So..that was 100% a lie? Why even bring that back up in this episode unless it truly happened?
  • Why was Alison always telling the girls combined they knew more about “that night” then they realized? Nothing even happened that night according to this episode. Everything Alison told us was the truth and the girls were fast asleep. So what was the point of all of that?
  • A’s reason for being A is literally because she was mad the girl’s were relieved Alison was dead? They weren’t happy, they were just relieved because she was such a bully but they still were sad and missed her. That much was obvious. 
  • Why was Peter helping Mrs. D cover up Toby’s mom’s death? What does he know?
  • Why did CeCe try killing Jenna?
  • What does Noel know about all of this?
  • Why was Keegan the first to know that CeCe was A? 
  • What was the whole ~Ezra reveal about anyways? 
  • What was with that wishy washy dream-like state of them showing us CeCe’s reveal? Literally CeCe looked like she was photoshopped into that hoodie. What even?
  • We’re supposed to feel sorry for Charles? I don’t feel anything other than dumb-founded rage at Charles/CeCe. She has no real motive for torturing the girls. Literally none.

Honestly at this point I’m seriously hoping this was some huge cop-out and 5 years later A’s true identity is revealed because I just do not buy this at all. I’m just so confused right now. 

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This could be big..
I’ve had this saved for a while, so I could think on it more… but NOW I think it’s time to share. In  Episode 20, of season 3 “Hot Water”  At the ending of the episode they show the dollhouse. I got a closer look at it and the dolls are different from previous times t...
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parenting tips from jessica dilaurentis: when witnessing your daughter being hit over the head with a rock, immediately assume she is dead and bury her in your backyard without so much as checking for a pulse
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