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Westboro Baptist Church came to Orlando to start some shit. Instead, their shit got shut all the way down! Shout out to Orlando Against Hate for organizing the counter-protest against WBC. #orlandostrong

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protest gay LGBT lgbtq pulse orlando Westboro Baptist Church Pulse Orlando
the LGBT community about to destroy the westboro baptist church
westboro baptist church wants to picket the funerals of the kids who died at the sandy hook tragedy.
i live in connecticut, and westboro is planning to come to our state to picket these kids’ funerals because they believe god is punishing connecticut for legalizing gay marriage, and that’s why these kids died. it’s fucking sickening. please reblog this and click here to sign the p...
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When i found out Canada banned members of the Westboro Baptist Church from entering their country
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oh, that’s cute Westboro Baptist Church. you don’t want to disclose where your founders funeral is going to take place. why? because a funeral is a personal thing, a mourning period for families and friends? you’d hate to have people angered by your beliefs and your practices protest your funeral, w...
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