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tumblr has changed the position of UNFOLLOW and REBLOG on blogs.
careful not to unfollow your friends, as I nearly have some ten times already.

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tumblr has changed the position of UNFOLLOW and REBLOG on blogs.careful not to unfollow your friends, as I nearly have some ten times already.
PSA: if you don't want people finding you through your email on tumblr:
go here and it’s the first option it’s always been an option that i’ve always had turned off, i think the new update just made it easier to find someone if that option isn’t disabled for people who can’t click through, here’s a manual link: https://www.tumblr.com/...
Hi, Tumblr! Quick PSA
What Africa is: - a continent consisting of over 50 sovereign nations, all of which have unique social, political and economical dynamics - a continent that hosts thousands of recognized languages and ethnic groups - the most climatically diverse body of land on Earth; there are deserts, savannas, p...
for people who don’t have ads blocked, the ad that shows up at the top your dash looking like a notification and says “halt and catch fire” takes you straight to a loud video that also flashes brightly and abruptly between film footage and weird animation and is extremely disorienting and may also p...
PSA to my French followers or anyone in Paris right now
There is currently several shootings in the streets of Paris, in the Xth and XIth districts. There is already victims, 18 persons has been killed. So please, if you are in Paris right now: stay home.For more infos, you can read the news here, apparently we don’t know yet the why and the who. —...
avoiding viruses on tumblr:
Okay, so I’ve done some testing. The 5 tag rule no longer applies for this new tumblr search (it used to be that after 5 tags, everything after wasn’t tagged into the search). Also, if you tag something: #i’m super happy about roosterteeth It will now appear in the ‘roosterte...
It’s unlikely that anyone in the military could have a twig like figure because of the muscle strength/mass required to operate 3DMG. (Submitted by yoshidaeri. Details by martin-noober-king.)
Everything Okay?
If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, self harm, or suicidal thoughts, please visit our Counseling & Prevention Resources page for a list of services that may be able to help.
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PSA about recommended posts:
So, I sent a message to Tumblr support about recommended posts, and if you can opt-out of having your own posts be possibly recommended to other blogs, and I just got a reply back. Apparently you can opt out of having your posts be recommended if you turn off “Allow search engines to index your blog...