• pun diss peas kickingcones girl please kickingcones •
pun diss peas kickingcones girl please

oh my pod.

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pun diss peas kickingcones girl please
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Since Ravi and Chanyeol are doing a cover of voodoo doll together their duo name could be Raviyeollie
Drake Beef at least you tried meek Diss Track sorry meek
  • B.I:You know you have to diss back right? I'M SO FUCKING HYPED! *starts writing his own diss track hoping someone would diss him too*
  • MINO:Thats my son! *gently pats Bobby's shoulder*
  • Junhoe:Why is Bobby hyung getting all the attention again? His diss was basic as fuck.
  • Jinhwan:*cries in a corner* Bobby-yah, I'm sorry. I wish I could protect you.
  • Chanwoo:........ so is Mix&Match over? Who is the 7th member?
  • Epik High:Just leave it be, want me to buy you chicken? How about another rolex?
  • CL:*texts Bobby* Bobby annyeong! You know we have to fuck him up right?
  • GD:I full on dissed MAMA and your basic diss managed to steal the spotlight. Good job.
  • ...
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In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone must face the elves, the reindeer, and the forces of Christmas. She is the sleigher.
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