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I can’t speak my mind. But I can write it well enough.

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I can’t speak my mind. But I can write it well enough.
You said that it was all in my head. I find that ironic because that is exactly what I was trying to make you understand.
Writing things you don’t want to say but you want others to hear.
Anything you write can be poetry, if you feel the ache while you spill your messy thoughts.
Perhaps I’m nothing but a lonely girl with a pen and a wandering mind.
I write in darkness because my words are the only thing that can glow.
Poetry kept her alive. If she did not write, she would have gone deaf from her own screams, and she would have drowned from her own tears.
Beautiful writing comes from bleeding souls.
‘Why do you write?’ What can never be understood is how much it can pain a person to be powerless in the wake of adversity. To not have th...
I write about you a lot. I think, maybe, I’d want to show you it one day, but then I think some more and decide it’s better if I don’t.
I told myself I’d do something worth writing about every day, and so I talk to you as soon as I wake up.
Someday I will write about you; how you smelled, how you laughed, how you smiled and how beautiful you were. I know that day will come. Mayb...