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I write so that the universe may hear my voice.

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I write so that the universe may hear my voice.
Tell me darling, if I searched the folds of your mind, would I find myself there?
Some nights you’re the one who got away and I miss you. Other nights you’re the one who walked away and I hate you.
Don’t let other people tell you what love is. That’s for you to define for yourself.
Hand me a pen, darling. I’ll write the story we should’ve lived.
I always said you deserved someone better. I guess you finally believed me.
Even after all this time, I still look for you in a crowd.
I beg you to promise me this: If I ever hurt you, don’t preserve me in your heart and let it pain. Pour me out, paint me down, punish my mem...
She wrote, wrote and she wrote.. until her heart throbbed on paper.
‘Why do you write?’ What can never be understood is how much it can pain a person to be powerless in the wake of adversity. To not have th...
my words are too loud for my mind, but too soft for the world to hear; so i write them instead.
The world has many problems and somehow I feel responsible. That’s why I write.