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If it was her, you’d care.

4880 notes / 5 years 6 months ago
I’ve watched you fall in love with everyone but me
The drugs aren’t strong enough, I can still remember you.
I’m not one to hold hands, but baby when you told me you wanted to die, I held your hand so tight that the bones in my wrist molded in...
Is this silence your last goodbye?
I can not make my sadness & pain sound poetic or beautiful . I’m a horrible fucking mess and theres nothing beautiful about that.
I’m sorry I’m not like her.
I put my walls back up.
12 Things you should do if you love someone  1. Write them poetry even if it’s shitty. I don’t care if it’s fucking nonse...
I miss you. I think I will always miss you.
I will not be your “sometimes”.
I think the sadness is coming back. I’m starting to recite poetry in my sleep again, and I can’t help but cry in the shower. I used to think...
One day, you’ll know and it will all make sense.