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Why are your fingers burnt?“ he asked her as he looked at her scarred hands. She sighed quietly, "Because I have been touching people with firestorm souls.

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They never tell you in health class that once you become a woman, they rip your heart out and put in a clock instead. Counting: sixty secon...
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You would always whisper, “God doesn’t need us,” but your mouth tasted like holy wine, skin like the paper-thin wafers...
I saw an angelon the bus,with calligraphy curvesand willowy limbs,and she was beautifuland I wasn’t lustful, or envious,just a happy admirer.Then,she touchedher stomachwith her lady-like hands,and sucked it in.And it broke my heart to thinkthat maybeeven angels cry. 
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"just friends"
if we ever get drunk enough that your tongue finds its way to my hipsand in the morning, you remind me that we're "just friends",i will rise, giving you a full view of my naked shoulders shruggingand then kiss you hard enough that myname permanently stains your lips.
You wear your prom dress like a hospital gown and when your date says you look beautiful, you laugh like you’re waiting for the punchline. ...
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January: When he left, he took the whole world with him. it was clanking behind his car like a bunch of empty cans. February: The 8 wonder...
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