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Don’t push students farther than their limit. All my teachers say, "I’m treating you like this because that’s how you’ll be treated in college." Guess what? I’m not in college; I’m 15 and in high school for a reason.

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Don’t push students farther than their limit. All my teachers say, "I’m treating you like this because that’s how you̵...
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AdditionTo begin with, In the first place, Firstly, The first reasonAdditionallyFurthermore, Another reason whySecondly, Thirdly, Next, Pursuing this further, AlsoLastly, FinallyIn the same way,ComparisonSimilarly,In the same way,Likewise,As with,Equally,ContrastingHowever,Nevertheless,On the other ...
there is a problem with the american education system when
when getting 6 hours of sleep is a “really good night’s sleep” because you spend so much time at school, then doing homework, and (god forbid) any hobbies/extracurricularswhen the only “counselors” available to you have little or no psychological knowledge and will contact your parents and tell them...
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goodbye mine idk okay If you're a bird I'm a bird ahhh because husbands i suck otp: id marry you harry but here i am i hate making gifsets of multiple videos i just love these two fucks and talking to hannah about them just gets me emotional otp: you make me strong otp: so baby be with me so happily otp: my hand your hand tied up like two ships im stressed im going to be sad if this doesn't hit 1k i worked over 3hrs i kept getting tumblr error *errors it was too much for the system their love is too intense i should stop typing and just publish it but im nervous
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